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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2002, Collection 2

Extended Abstracts of the 4th International Conference on the
Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers

May 9-11, 2002 in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.

All abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting


Opening Session

Pages 1-4 : J Crow
The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory: A national resource in support of bio-medical science and technology

Pages 5-6 : V Browning
Potential Department of Defense (DoD) applications of magnetic carriers             

Drug Targeting and Imaging

Pages 7-8 : J W M Bulte, T Douglas, B Witwer, S-C Zhang, B K Lewis, P van Gelderen, I D Duncan, J A Frank
Magnetic labeling and tracking of cells using magnetodendrimers as MR contrast agent

Pages 9-11 : G A Flores, J Liu
In vitro blockage of a simulated vascular system using magnetorheological fluids as a cancer therapy

Pages 12-15 : J Johnson, T Kent, J Koda, C Peterson, S Rudge, G Tapolsky
From MTC-doxorubicin to MTC-TNF: A review of the MTC technology   

Pages 16-18 : J F Yu, U O Häfeli, Y Dong, M J Sands, Y H Li, S Failing, T Leakakos, G Tapolsky
Radiolabeling of magnetic targeted carriers (MTC) with different radioisotopes for cancer imaging and treatment

Analytical Methods

Pages 19-21 : P C Morais, A L Tronconi, A C Oliveira
Use of the photoacoustic spectroscopy in the investigation of ionic magnetic fluids

Pages 22-23 : C Groß, E Romanus, G Glöckl, P Weber, W Weitschies
Magneto-optical relaxation of ferrofluids

Pages 24-27 : U O Häfeli, R Ciocan, J P Dailey
Characterization of magnetic carriers and their magnetophoretic mobility using a digital microscopy method

Pages 28-29 : Kirstin Kriz, Min Lu, Dario Kriz
Detection of human albumin using antigen specific precipitation of magnetic particles and magnetic permeability measurements

Pages 30-33 : W Möller, I Nemoto, J Heyder
Influence of magnetic particle aggregation on cytomagnetometry

Pages 34-36 : H Zhang, M Nakamura, K Comella, L Moore, M Zborowski, J Chalmers
Characterization/quantification of the factors involved in the imparting a magnetophoretic mobility on cells and particles  

Magnetic Separations

Pages 37-40 : S Farag
Current and Emerging Therapies using Cell Separations

Pages 41-44 : Y Haik, M Cordovez, C.-J. Chen, J Chatterjee
Magnetic immunoassay for rapid assessment of acute myocardial infarction (AMI)

Pages 45-47 : B Pourima, C Pougnard, C Josson, P Le Baron, E Pringuez, J L Drocourt, P A Cabanes, S Legastelois
Immuno-magnetic separation followed by solid-phase cytometry for the rapid detection and enumeration of pathogens in surface water       

Pages 48-51 : C Grüttner, S Rudershausen, S E Matthews, P Wang, V Böhmer, J-F Dozol
Selective extraction of lanthanides and actinides by magnetic silica particles with CMPO-modified calix[4]arenes on the surface

Pages 52-55 : I Safarik, L Ptackova, M Safarikova
Adsorption of dyes on magnetically labeled baker's yeast cells

Pages 56-59 : L R Moore, P S Williams, J J Chalmers, M Zborowski
Magnetic flow sorting using susceptibility-modified carrier fluids             

Pages 60-61 : A Cremer, C Reinhard, S Müller, G Günther, M Köhler, M Köster, N Braß-Heckel, C Biervert, I Johnston, D Merkel, V Nölle, S Miltenyi
High gradient magnetic separation (MACS) for isolation and modification of biomolecules

Pages 62-64 : O Lara, M Nakamura, M Zborowski, J J Chalmers
Negative depletion cell sorting using a quadrupole magnetic flow cell sorter

Pages 65-66 : W Schuett, W Ramlow, D Falkenhagen
Carriers for extracorporeal blood purification: From basic research to health care   


Pages 67-69 : K Hofer
Hyperthermia in cancer therapy

Pages 70-73 : N A Brusentsov, L K Komissarova, A A Kuznetsov, A F Mironov, A V Lubeshkin, T G Nikolaeva, F S Bayburtskiy, E Y Filinova, L I Shumakov, T N Brusentsova, A Y Baryshnikov
Evaluation of ferrifluids containing photosensitizers

Page 74 : S K Jones, P Moroz, B N Gray
A system for the treatment of liver cancer by targeted hyperthermia using magnetic microspheres

Pages 75-77 : A A Kuznetsov, O A Shlyakhtin, N A Brusentsov, O A Kuznetsov
“Smart” mediators for self-controlled inductive heating

Page 78 : H Furukawa, N Ohnishi, K Kataoka, A Kondo
Novel thermo-responsive magnetic nanoparticles

Gene Therapy

Pages 79-80 : C Plank, F Scherer, U Schillinger, M Anton, C Bergemann
Magnetofection: Enhancing and targeting gene delivery by magnetic force

Microcarrier Synthesis and Characterization

Pages 81-83 : S Rudershausen, C Grüttner, M Frank, J Teller, F Westphal
Multifunctional superparamagnetic nanoparticles for life science applications

Pages 84-87 : A R Harutyunyan, B K Pradhan, G U Sumanasekera, E Y Korobko, A A Kuznetsov
Carbon nanotubes for medical applications

Pages 88-91 : B Yellen, G Friedman
Statistical analysis of weakest link in chains of magnetic particle carriers for applications in printing biochemical arrays

Pages 92-94 : R F Ziolo
Self-Stabilized Aqueous Ferrofluids and Their Unusual Particulate Properties

Pages 95-97 : J N Anker, T D Horvath, R Kopelman
Cooking with nanoparticles: A simple method of forming roll, pancake, and breaded polystyrene microparticles

Pages 98-101 : J Chatterjee, Y Haik, C-J Chen
Synthesis of polyethylene magnetic nanoparticles

Pages 102-105 : M Rutnakornpituk, V V Baranauskas, J S Riffle, J Connolly, T G St Pierre, J P Dailey
Polysiloxane fluid dispersions of cobalt nanoparticles in silica spheres for use in ophthalmic applications

Pages 106-109 : J Connolly, T G St Pierre, M Rutnakornpituk, J S Riffle
Silica coating of cobalt nanoparticles increases their magnetic and chemical stability for biomedical applications

Pages 110-113 : S Mornet, F Grasset, J Portier, E Duguet
Maghemite@silica nanoparticles for biological applications

Pages 114-117 : K A Gross, R Jackson, J D Cashion, L M Rodriguez-Lorenzo
Iron substituted apatites: A resorbable biomaterial with possible magnetic properties

Pages 118-121 : P Phanapavudhikul, J A Waters, E S Ortiz
Para-magnetic composite microparticles as heavy metals ion-exchangers


Page 122 : M M Miller, J C Rife, C R Tamanaha, P E Sheehan, M A Piani, S P Mulvaney, M Tondra, L J Whitman
Magnetoelectronics, magnetic labels and biomolecular detection

Pages 123-125 : M D Ward, J Quan, P Grodzinski
Metal-polymer hybrid microchannels for microfluidic high gradient separations

Pages 126-127 : G Durin, G de Milato, A Stantero, M Coïsson
High sensitivity sensors for magnetic microspheres localization 

Pages 128-131 : V F Puntes, W J Parak, A P Alivisatos
Tuning the SP to FM transition of cobalt nanoparticles in view of biomedical applications

Pages 132-134 : M Barbic
Single domain magnets in bio-medical applications


Pages 135-137 : Ch Alexiou, Ch Bergemann, R Schmid, P Hulin, A Schmidt, R Jurgons, W Arnold, F G Parak
Enrichment and biodistribution of a magnetically targeted drug carrier 

Pages 138-139 : R A Ali-zade
Physical characteristics of polymer microspheres filled with magnetite nanoparticles

Pages 140-141 : M Babincová, V Altanerová, È Altaner, Z Baèová, P Babinec
Doxorubicin mediated free iron release from ferritin magnetoparticles is enhanced at higher temperatures: Implications for cancer therapy

Pages 142-145 : F S Bayburtskiy, I I Senatskaya, A S Skorovarov, V A Boldyrev, N A Brusentsov, L K Komissarova, V A Razumovskiy
Colloidal - chemical laws of interactions of magnetic fluid particles with surfaces of natural fibers

Pages 146-147 : E Boschke, J Steingroewer, S Ripperger, E Klingner, T Bley
Biomonitoring by combination of immunomagnetic separation and direct epifluorescence filter technique

Pages 148-150 : P Burns, P Gerroir, H Mahabadi, R Patel, D Vanbesien
Emulsion/aggregation technology: A process for preparing microspheres of narrow polydispersity

Pages 151-153 : A F C Campos, F A Tourinho, T A P G Cotta, J Depeyrot
A theoretical approach of succimer complexation at the surface of ferrite nanoparticles in order to improve the synthesis of biocompatible magnetic fluids

Pages 154-155 : V A P Garcia, L M Lacava, S Kückelhaus, R B Azevedo, M F Da Silva, P C Morais, M De Cuyper, Z G M Lacava
Magnetoliposome evaluation using cytometry and micronucleus test    

Pages 156-157 : L Fu, V P Dravid, K Klug, X Liu, C A Mirkin
Synthesis and patterning of magnetic nanostructures

Pages 158-159 : C Gansau, N Buske, C Gross, W Weitschies
Novel biocompatible magnetic fluids

Pages 160-162 : E Golenkina, P Ivanov, D Blochin, V Filippov, O Yershov
Development of immunomagnetic reagents for human hematopoietic cell sorting

Pages 163-166 : C Groß, K Büscher, E Romanus, C A Helm, W Weitschies
Characterization of a ferrofluid by atomic force microscopy and photon correlation spectroscopy after magnetic fractionation

Pages 167-169 : Gh Iacob, Al D Ciochina, O Bredetean
High gradient magnetic separation ordered matrices

Pages 170-171 : O A Kuznetsov, K H Hasenstein
Magnetograviphoresis of statoliths and assessment of viscoelasticity of the Chara cytoplasm

Page 172 : K Chen, W Luo
Preparation of magneto-vesicles with DOPE/DDAB layers

Pages 173-175 : P C Morais, V K Garg, A C Oliveira, R B Azevedo, D Rabelo, E C D Lima
Synthesis and characterization of magnetite nanoparticles embedded in copolymer microspheres

Pages 176-178 : O M Mykhaylyk, A K Dudchenko, Yu V Pridatchenko, E Yu Taran
On estimation of a characteristic size of aggregates in suspension of nanodispersed magnetics from the decay curves of transmitted light intensity when removing the applied magnetic field

Pages 179-180 : A A Kuznetsov, N N Kanshin, L A Piruzyan, V M Chikov, G S Nechitailo, O A Kuznetsov
Application of magnetic devices and sorbents in gastro-intestinal surgery

Pages 181-182 : J M Perez, L Josephson, R Weissleder
Magnetic nanosensors for DNA analysis

Pages 183-184 : A Petri, M Chastellain, H Hofmann, K V Rao
Investigation of ferrofluids for biomedical application

Pages 185-187 : J Plavins
Magnetophoretic analysis of cells and magnetic carriers

Pages 188-191 : M Safarikova, I Safarik
Interaction of tricyclic drugs with copper phthalocyanine dye immobilized on magnetic carriers

Pages 192-195 : M Safarikova, I Safarik
Magnetic solid-phase extraction of target analytes from large volumes of urine

Pages 196-198 : J G Santos, N Buske, C Gansau, P C Morais
Magnetic resonance of dextran- and DMSA-coated magnetite-based magnetic fluids: Particle interaction investigation

Page 199 : V Skagestad, E Reitan , R Stacy, A Deggerdal, T Thorbjørnsen, H Hardersen, E Hornes, L Kilaas
Innovative automated nucleic acid isolation by the key use of magnetic silica particles

Pages 200-202 : A Suslov
Synthesis of magnetic cluster nanoparticles

Pages 203-205 : P S Williams, L R Moore, J J Chalmers, M Zborowski
The Potential of Quadrupole Magnetic Field-Flow Fractionation for Determining Particle Magnetization Distributions

Pages 206-209 : K S Wilson, L A Harris, J D Goff, J S Riffle, J P Dailey
A generalized method for magnetite nanoparticle steric stabilization utilizing block copolymers containing carboxylic acids

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