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Cartilage & Joint repair
Tutorials, Basic Research & Clinical Methods
01-03 July 2002, Congress Centre, Davos, Switzerland

Sertig valley (Davos)

The emphasis of the single session meeting will be to have an in depth multi-disciplinary set of discussions with clinicians, biologists, engineers, chemists and materials scientists on latest research and developments in the field. The field will include cartilage, ligaments, fibrocartilage, bone & tissue engineering of these tissues. Sessions will consist of tutorials, basic research & clinical methods. The meeting is dedicated to honour George Bentley's last 30 years contribution to cartilage & joint repair. Enjoy the single session discussion oriented meeting and the free afternoons to see this beautiful alpine resort. Welcome to Davos!

R. Geoff. Richards AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland

Mauro Alini
AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland

Charlie W. Archer
Connective Tissue Biology Labs, Biosciences, Cardiff University, Wales.

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Collagen fibrils in rabbit tibial plateau articular cartilage