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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2002, Collection 4

Annual meeting of the UK Tissue and Cell Engineering Society
19-20 September 2002, The University of Glasgow, Scotland

The invitation to the conference went out in April 2002 cordially inviting our colleagues to attend the annual meeting of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) of the UK on September 19th and 20th in Glasgow, Scotland.
The conference featured invited lectures from areas of particular significance such as biomaterial fabrication (Kevin Shakesheff), stem cell research (Richard Orreffo), cell differentiation (Donald Salter), and cell guidance (Ann Rajnicek).

We were interested in attracting presentations, both oral and poster, which we hoped would cover the whole field of Cell and Tissue engineering from materials and biocompatibility issues via the use of engineered devices used to address cell biological questions to attempts in whole organ fabrication. We hope that the programme and list of posters shows that we succeeded with the help of all delegates in putting together a stimulating and diverse programme.

The initial invitation was circulated with previous attendees of the annual meeting and members of the TCES. The spread was increased by posting the text on several webboards, and the website of the TCES. We were fortunate to interest attendees from Canada, the United States, Israel and even Iran besides a good number of British and participants from other European countries.
With the help of the University Accommodation Services all those in need could be housed and the coffee breaks as well as the cheese and wine at the poster session (see picture) was refreshing after a day filled with talks.
The invitation by the Lord Provost (sadly absent) was well attended (see picture montage) and the history and stunning looks of the City Chambers were well appreciated, as were the excellent nibbles (see picture).
All in all we were happy to have hosted the meeting despite some near catastrophes (vanishing posterboards, ).
We hope that all those attending did take home that the TCES is a unique and affordable platform for the academic and industrial researcher as well as PostDoc and PhD students in the field of tissue engineering, especially in the UK to present their work to their peers.
What remains to be said is that of course Glasgow can be dry and sunny, and that it is a city to remember because Glasgow-s-miles better.
Mathis Riehle, Adam Curtis and Matthew Dalby

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