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Biosurf V
Functional Polymeric Surfaces in Biotechnology
September 25 & 26, 2003 - ETH Zürich, Switzerland


The interface between biology, chemistry and engineering has been a particularly fertile area of research in the preceding decade. Advances in genomics and proteomics have been driven by research in polymers, biomolecular recognition ligands, and biomolecular analytes at surfaces, as well as advanced methods for detection of biomolecules near surfaces. Continued advances, toward detection with smaller samples, in real time, and ultimately in situ, will likewise be driven by deeper understanding of interactions between surfaces, polymers and biomolecules and new methods of detection. Advances in biosensing, both in vitro and in vivo, have likewise been driven by research at the interface of biology, chemistry and engineering. Detection of biomolecular macromolecules at surfaces has led to advanced methods in infectious diseases, earlier detection of cancer, and more reliable diagnosis of genetic diseases. Likewise, detection of biological metabolites at surfaces has led to better control of metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Furthermore, deeper understanding of the interaction of biomolecules with surfaces, and between cells and those surface-bound biomolecules, has led to advanced developments in biomaterials for implants, drug delivery, vaccine delivery, cell transplantation and tissue engineering.


Fig. 3: Cell adhesive peptid-immobilized temperature-responsive culture surfaces. At 37°C, cell adhesive peptides were exposed on the surface (top), but shielded by hydrated PIPAAm chains below the LCST (bottom).

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BIOSURF V will therefore be specifically devoted to the science and application of functional polymeric surfaces in the areas of biomaterials, biointerfaces and biosensors. The conference seeks to span these disciplines, presenting the state of the art in the biology, chemistry and physics of polymers, biomolecules and cells at surfaces and the application of this art in biotechnology, biodiagnostics and medicine. The conference addresses scientists and engineers in academia and industry interested in recent advances and exchange of ideas at the interface of biology, chemistry and engineering. Eighteen invited international speakers from the United States, Europe, Japan and China will introduce the session topics and provide state-of-the-art overviews of polymeric
interfaces and their relevance for biomaterials and biosensor technology and applications. Additionally, a poster forum of about 100 posters will provide an opportunity for both junior and senior scientists to present their most recent results and ideas.

Jeffrey A. Hubbell, University and ETH Zurich
Nicholas D. Spencer, ETH Zurich
Marcus Textor, ETH Zurich
Heinrich Hofmann, EPF Lausanne
Margarethe Hofmann, Swiss Assoc. for Materials Science and Technology, SVMT
Geoff Richards, AO Davos
Takao Hanawa, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, J
Samuele Tosatti, ETH Zurich
Marc Petitmermet, webmaster (