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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2003, Collection 4

Annual meeting of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES)
08-10 September 2003, Cardiff University, Wales, GB

The conference featured invited lectures from areas of particular significance such as clinical needs for acute dermal wounds (Keith Harding), development of bioreactors with biomechanical stimulation (Eileen Ingham), basic analysis of cell behaviour (Graham Dunn), stem cell patterning and differentiation (Ian Mackenzie), interaction of tissues with orthopaedic implants (Geoff Richards) and stem cells in the treatment of osteoporosis (Juerg Gasser).

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We hope that all those attending took home that the TCES is a unique and affordable platform for the academic and industrial researcher as well as PostDoc and PhD students in the field of tissue engineering, especially in the UK to present their work to their peers.
Cardiff was dry and sunny, and was (like Glasgow) a city to remember , especially for those who were lucky enough to get tickets to the Wales-Finland football game where Wales qualified for the play-offs of Euro 2004.

Prof. CW Archer
K Richardson