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The Cell Biomaterial Reaction
June 28th - 30th 2004, Congress Centre, Davos, Switzerland


The eCM V conference is dedicated to honour, in his retirement year, Professor Adam Curtis's Golden Jubilee in reasearch on cell biology.

Prof. Adam Curtis

Joriseen, Fluela pass, Davos

Tutorials, Basic Research & Clinical experience in : Surface modification of biomaterials: Effects of chemistry, topography, surface charge & coatings on tissue, cell & bacterial interactions. Dynamics of cell-material interaction. Protein adsorption. Cell-extracellular matrix interactions. Implant Characterisation methods. Bio-Performance (cyto - and biocompatibility) evaluation methods. Infection problems with biomaterials. New metallic and non-metallic materials for medical implants.
Single session limited participant meeting : Poster and Oral Presentations.

Organisers: R G Richards, M Alini & C Archer

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