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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2005, Collection 1

21st Scientific Days of the French Academy of Dental Biomaterials (FADB)
10-11 June 2004, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The 21st Scientific Days of the French Academy of Dental Biomaterials are dedicated to the aspects of:
- manufacturing,
- characterization and evaluation of the biological repercussions, chemical properties and physical and mechanical constraints,
- quality assurance and control
- and clinical application.
This covers a wide range of materials of different natures: ceramic, polymers, metals, composites…
The Scientific Days are intended for all those interested in the scientific, medical and industrial biomaterials: researchers, dental practitioners, technicians-prosthetists, students and manufacturers of biomaterials.

Conference Topics
Development and Application of dental materials, Preparation and Production Methods, Surface Treatment Characterization and Quality Control, Integration into Hard and Soft Tissues, Interaction with Living Cells, Degradation, Problems in Medical Practice.

Organizing Committee
Dr Lucien Reclaru (Px Holding SA)
Pierre-Yves Eschler (PX Holding SA)
Dr Andreas Blatter (PX Holding SA)
Pr Jean-Marc Meyer (Dental School, University of Geneva)
Dr. R.G. Richards (Web and Journal Supplement Editor, AO Research Institute, Davos)
Pr Michèle Lissac (Dental School, University of Lyon)
Dr Brigitte Grosgogeat (Dental School, University of Lyon)
Dr Philippe Rocher (Dental School, University of Lille)

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