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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2007, Collection 4

Abstracts of European Cells and Materials VIII
Bone Tissue Engineering

June 25th - 28th 2007, Congress Centre, Davos, Switzerland

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Clinical Perspective

Page 1 : P Regazzoni
Current problems in bone fracture treatment (abstract not received)

Page 2 : P Heini
Trends of treatment of vertebral fractures

Page 3 : R Schmelzeisen
Tissue Engineering in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Page 4 : M Egermann, P Heil, I Groengroeft, K Ito, W Hofstetter, P Richards
Fracture Healing in a Model for Senile Osteoporosis (SAMP6)

Page 5 : CXX Guo, MG Irwin, D Chan, GL Tipoe, KMC Cheung
The role of cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 in fracture repair

General Biology

Page 6 : F Shapiro
Bone development and its relation to fracture repair

Page 7 : J Gasser
Controlling bone formation and resorption

Page 8 : C Van Blitterswijk
Non-invasive imaging of hypoxia in tissue engineering

Page 9 : T Mitsiadis
Tooth formation & repair with stem cells or other cells

Stem cells

Page 10 : R Oreffo
Human Fetal & Adult Osteoprogenitors - Isolation, Lineage Modulation and Potential for Skeletal Regeneration

Page 11: M Mastrogiacome
Adult stem cells in bone regeneration: advantages and present limitations

Page 12: G Feichtinger, B Kloesch, I Kehrer, D Dopler, A Banerjee, M van Griensven, H Redl
Reporter-Vector systems to monitor osteogenic differentiation

Page 13: AE Grigoriadis
Transcription factor regulation of osteoclastogenesis from embryonic stem (ES) cells

Page 14: P Niemeyer, J Vohrer, H Klöppel, S Milz
HLA - independent transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells for regeneration of bone: Preliminary Results of a critical size defect study in the sheep tibia


Page 15: L Hamilton, FRA Rose, SM Howdle, RM France, RA Quirk, KM Shakesheff
Injectable Pastes that form Porous Scaffolds

Page 16: H Hagenmüller, HP Merkle, L Meinel, R Müller
Time-lapsed monitoring of tissue engineered bone

Page 17: M Ehrbar, MP Lütolf, SC Rizzi, JA Hubbell, FE Weber
Modular Enzyme-responsive biomaterials for bone tissue engineering

Page 18: MM Beloti, PT de Oliveira, JE Davies, L Guan, PSP de Carvalho, AL Rosa
In vivo evaluation of the hybrid biomaterial calcium phosphate/poly(lactide-co-glycolide) and osteoblastic cells

Page 19: G Barbanti Bròdano, C Morelli, A Gasbarrini, C Di Bona, M Tognon, S Boriani Carbon fibre renforced polymer (CFRP) cage induces better cell adhesion, spreading and proliferation than poyetheretherketone (peek) cage. Analysis by a new cellular model for in vitro study of orthopaedic biomaterials

Page 20 : JS Hayes, C Archer, RG Richards
Implant osseointegration: in vitro analysis of titanium microtopography

Page 21: JD de Bruijn, K Shankar, H Yuan
Application of osteoconductive materials in bone surgery. (New Approaches to Bone Regeneration)

Page 22: M Bohner
The gap between research & clinical applications of bone substitutes

Page 23: K Gellynck, M Parkar, P Buxton
CaP based in vivo delivery of osteogenic agonist in chick embryo femurs

Page 24: H Plenk Jr, L Chyplyk, J Lederer
Unique bone substitution of TCP-granulates (Cerasorb®) during degradation in human sinus floor elevations

Page 25: E Wernike, W Hofstetter, Y Liu, EB Hunziker, KA Siebenrock, FM Klenke
Long-term release of bioactive BMP2 from CaP ceramics via cell mediated material resorption

Bone Biomechanics

Page 26: PJ Prendergast, DP Byrne, DJ Kelly, D Lacroix
Tissue differentiation steps towards bone formation

Page 27: J Vander Sloten, H Van Oosterwyck, SVN Jaecques, J Duyck, I Naert
Adaptive bone remodelling: bone as a true smart material

Page 28: C De Bari, PV Guillot, NM Fisk, EA Jones, D McGonagle, IM Khan, CW Archer, RA Mitsiadis, N Donaldson, FP Luyten, C Pitzalis, F Dell Accio
Mathematical modelling to predict bone forming potency of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 29: H Van Oosterwyck, J Vander Sloten, L Geris
A mathematical model of bone regeneration including angiogenesis: relevance for tissue engineering strategies

Page 30 : DP Pioletti, L Mathieu, L Blecha, PY Zambelli, LL Applegate, PE Bourban
Design of a Bone Scaffold Based on Biomechanical Analysis

Cell Biology

Page 31: W Hofstetter
Bone remodelling

Page 32: L Vico
VEGF-A & bone formation: New perspectives

Page 33: M Grellier, R Bareille, C Bourget, N Ferreira Tojais, P Granja, M Barbosa, J Amédée
Cell cooperation between osteoprogenitor and endothelial cells: its function on bone tissue engineering (Prize for the best presentation)

Page 34: S Lippross, S Verrier, LM Benneker, M Alini
Platelet released growth factors boost expansion of endothelial progenitor cells

Page 35: S Verrier, S Lippross, S Hoppe, C Schlickewei, M Alini
Intergration of sheep peripheral vein endothelial cells into polyurethane scaffolds-delivering angiogenic potential into autologous graft constructs

Page 36: R Siddappa, R Licht, J Liu, C van Blitterswijk, J de Boer
Controlling osteogenesis by/of human mesenchymal cells

Page 37: I Beyen, F Plöger, D Bormann, M Kramer, R Luginbühl, W Richter, P Kasten
Two Single Point Mutations in rhGDF-5 enhance Ectopic Bone Formation in a
SCID Mouse Model using beta-Tricalciumphosphate Scaffolds as Carrier

Page 38: C Brochhausen, A Kopp, CJ Kirkpatrick
From cartilage to bone: The growth plate as an innovative model in the targeting of signalling molecules for tissue engineering in bone and cartilage repair

Page 39: P Kasten, R. Luginbühl, K Fechner, AJ Suda, M Egermann, B Gasser, I Beyen Instant mesenchymal stem cell therapy: How can we do it? Characterization and concentration of mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

Page 40 : AM Müller, R Galli, C Jaquiery, J Farhadi, I Martin, A Scherberich
Generation of osteogenic and vasculogenic implants by perfusion culture of adipose tissue-derived cells

Page 41: K Jähn, MJ Stoddart, PI Furlong, CW Archer, RG Richards
Viability and procollagen-1 expression of cultured human cancellous bone explants using a serum free medium containing TGFbeta3

From basic research to clinical applications

Page 42: S Pearce
Animal models for bone repair

Page 43: S Milz
Tissue reactions around implants: histological view

Page 44: RG Richards
Implant surfaces in fracture fixation: In vitro & in vivo

Future of Bone Repair

Page 45: JA Hubbell, M Martino, B Pullin, E Simeoni, M Mochizuki, YS Jo
Helping Bone Biology with Growth Factors

Page 46: C Evans
The Facilitated Endogenous Repair of Bone by Gene Transfer

Page 47: S Perren
State of the art and future of bone repair


Page 48: D Alexander, P Kalkreuter, A Munz, J Hoffmann, S Reinert
Jaw periosteal cells: a suitable source for mesenchymal stem cells?

Page 49: D Barone, JM Raquez, P Viville, M Anseau, A Belayew, Z Luklinska, R Lazzaroni, P Dubois
Polylactide and pseudowollastonite dense nanocomosites: New biomaterials for bone tissue engineering

Page 50 : A Bernhardt, A Lode, C Mietrach, U Hempel, M Gelinsky
Osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells in porous scaffolds from mineralized collagen

Page 51: S Bertoldi, D Farè, MC Tanzi, G Ciapetti
Cross-linked polyurethane foams and composites for bone tissue engineering

Page 52: SJ Bidarra, CC Barrias, MA Barbosa, R Soares, PL Granja
Immobilization of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 53: M Bitar, K Gellynck, M Parkar, R Brown, SN Nazhat, P Buxton
In vitro production of bone-like tissue: primary osteoblast modification of a dense collagen scaffold

Page 54: G Bluteau, AE Coudert, A Danikas, AE Grigoriadis
Expression of mutant RhoA in osteoblasts in transgenic mice results in altered bone formation in vitro

Page 55: AK Born, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber, A Bruinink
Correlating cell architecture with osteogenesis: First steps towards live single cell monitoring (Joint First Prize for best poster)

Page 56: O Bretcanu, C Vitale Brovarone, E Verné, C Cassinelli, M Morra, C Bianchi, AR Boccaccini
Surface modification of 45S5 Bioglass®-derived scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 57: C Brochhausen, R Zehbe, B Watzer, S Halstenberg, H Schubert, CJ Kirkpatrick PLGA-Microspheres as a release-system for signalling molecules in tissue engineering - first results of prostaglandin E2 release

Page 58: P Cibur, J Rosocha, V Holovska, S Gromosova, R Morochovic, H Blaskova, T Molcanyi, M Kitka
Infected nonunions of long bones treated by autologous mesenchymal stem cell enriched bone grafting

Page 59: W Conrads, J Lu, S Williams
Dynamic mechanical property analysis of hydrogel biomaterial

Page 60 : M Egermann, CA Lill, K Ito, E Schneider
Animal models for fracture treatment in osteporosis: Induction of bone loss in sheep

Page 61: H Engqvist, A Palmqvist, F Lindberg, T Jarmar, R Branemark, L Emanuelsson, P Thomsen
Transmission electron microscopy of interfaces between hard tissue and biomaterials

Page 62: M Geiger, D Boardman, M Lisowski, S Sofia
Changes in the physical properties of calcium phosphate matrix during conversion

Page 63: C Ghayor, M Ehrbar, B San Miguel, A Sala, FE Weber
cAMP enhances the bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2)-dependent differentiation of osteoprogenitor cells

Page 64: PS Gomes, JD Santos, MH Fernandes
Cell induced response by tetracyclines on human bone marrow colonized Bonelike®

Page 65: T Hayami, K Matsumura, SH Hyon, H Nishikawa, S Hontsu, M Yamamoto
Apatite thin film can provide good cell adhesion to poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel as an artificial articular cartilage

Page 66: YT Hyun, SE Kim, HS Yun, SJ Heo, JW Shin
Fabrication of nano-HA/PCL composite scaffolds by modified rapid prototyping technique

Page 67: A Jaroenworaluck, N Koolprrchanan, N Kosachan, R Stevens
Surface Modification of HA and TCP immersed in simulated body fluid

Page 68: AR Kautz, E Grunow, F Schlottig, M Schnabelrauch
Bishosphonate based coatings for hard tissue implants

Page 69: M Kawabata, MP Hector, GR Davis, CR Parkinson, GD Rees, P Anderson
X-ray microtomographic study of transport into human dentine following demineralisation

Page 70 : B Kloesch, B Hering, D Dopler, A Banerjee, M van Griensven, H Redl
Synthetic peptides deived from the knuckle epitope of hBMP-2 were evaluated for inducing osteogenic differentiation in vitro and in vivo

Page 71: U Koenig, A Guenther, O Kreft, TH Hanke M Yamamoto, M Gelinsky
Modulation of VEGF release form functionalized bone graft material

Page 72: CH Krenkel, W Goriwoda, G Moser, H Plenk jr
Distraction bone-engineering in atrophic edentulous mandibles prior to dental implant insertion

Page 73: A Kwarciak, A Crewford, I Brook, PV Hatton
Engineering of hypertrophic cartilage with and without poly(glycolic acid) scaffolds

Page 74: BH Lee, JW Park
Effects of EGCG on the differentiation ability of human dental pulp cells in vitro

Page 75: E Leonardi, D Granchi, V Devescovi, G Ciapetti, B Baldini
Osteogenic potential of late adherent cells of human bone marrow cultures

Page 76: C Li, L Meinel, HP Merkle
Porous silk/hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 77: GH Malik, AW McCaskie, MA Birch
Low doses of heparin stimulate rat osteoblast differentiation by potentiating bone morpholgenetic protein (BMP)-2 signalling

Page 78: N Mari-Buyé, E Garreta, C Semino, C Colominas, S Borrós
Developing 3D Printing of Hydroxyapatite-like Scaffold: From Precursor to Structure
(Joint First Prize for best poster)

Page 79: M Miranda, A Pajares, E Saiz, AP Tomsia, F Guiberteau
Mechanical behaviour under uniaxial compression of robocast calcium phosphate scaffolds

Page 80 : L Moldovan, O Craciunescu, M Balan, EI Oprita, O Zarnescu
Synthesis and biocompatibility of porous collagen/chondroitin sulphate/hydroxyapatite composites for bone tissue engineering

Page 81 : C Moreno-Vicente, A Civantos, A Abarrategi, V Ramos, JL López-Lacomba
Porous b-TCP activation with a chitosan/rh-BMP-2 coating

Page 82 : K Müller-Zahm, IG Richter, W Lüke, I Wilke
Virus-like particles for gene transfer in chondrocytes and mesenchymal stem cells

Page 83 : A Papadimitropoulos, A Braccini, D Wendt, A Barbero, I Martin
Expansion of human bone marrow stromal cells within porous scaffolds under perfusion

Page 84 : MH Parkar, K Gllynck, PG Buxton
Osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs in dense collagen scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringsteogenic differentiation of hMSCs in dense collagen scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 85 : AY Pataquiva Mateus, MP Ferraz, FJ Monteiro
Nano-hydroxyapatite microspheres for periodontitis treatment: Preparation and cytotoxicity studies

Page 86: F Perut, D Granchi, I Amato, G Ciapetti, G Marletta, C Satriano, N Baldini
Osteoblast adhesion on biofunctionalized poly-(eta-caprolactone) surfaces

Page 87 : MI Popa, N Aelenei, DM Aelenei, M Frunza
Porous calcium phosphate/chitosan/alginate scaffolds for tissue engineering

Page 88 : S Ramstedt, A Johansson, H Engqvist, P Thomsen
Osteoblast behaviour on injectable biomaterials intended for augmentation of vertebral compression fractures

Page 89 : SA Riboldi, M Jakob, JA Frueh, D Cueni, P Pereira, A Scherberich, I Martin
The Stand-Alone T-CUP Bioreactor System: Towards the automated manufacture of engineered bone grafts

Page 90 : JC Roldán, E Chang, L Jazayeri, M Kelantan, U Deisinger, R Detsch, G Grutner
Temporal Assessment of cells on biomaterials by confocal microscopy

Page 91 : JC Roldán, U Deisinger, R Detsch, E Chang, M Kelantan, L Jazayeri, G Gurtner, G Ziegler
A novel HA/TCP Ceramic: Implant design and bone formation

Page 92 : T Schönberger, J Hahn, P Kasten, NP Südkamp, K Fechner, S Pearce, P Niemeyer
A novel software-based evalutation method for objective quantification of bone regeneration in experimental bone defects

Page 93 : KH Schuckert, S Jopp
Bone tissue engineering using PCL-scaffolds rhBMP-2 and PRP

Page 94 : AJ Sloan, EL Smith, M Locke, RJ Waddington
A novel ex vivo culture system for bone repair

Page 95 : S Teixeira, M Magallanes, A de Aza, AY Mateus MA Rodriguez, P Pena, MP Ferraz, S de Aza, FJ Monteiro
Cell culture studies on hydroxyapatite and wollastonite-tricalcium phosphate based materials for tissue engineering

Page 96: CE Upton, SM Howdle, KM Shakesheff, VK Popov
Three-dimensional polymer scaffolds fabricated by surface selective laser sintering (SSLS)

Page 97 : D Varoga, C Wruck, S Lippross, A Seekamp, T Pufe
Bacterial induction of HBD-3 in osteoblasts is dependent on toll like receptor-2 and -4 and is not a result of a de-novo synthesis

Page 98 : K Voelter, JD Langhoff, K Nuss, B von Rechenberg, T Hefti, F Schlottig
Bone formation on dental implants in a sheep study

Page 99 : G Weder, M Giazzon, J Polesel-Maris, A Meister, M Liley, H Heinzelmann
Measuring cell adhesion forces as a function of the cell cycle by force spectroscopy

Page 100 : B Weyand, PM Vogt, HP von Schroeder
Endogenous patterns of endothelin-1 expression in osteoblasts are not altered by indirect co-culture with endothelial cells

Page 101 : DH Xu, W Xu, AD Crocombe
A study of strain related bone remodelling of the osseointegrated patient

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