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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2013, Collection 6

4th International Symposium on Surfaces and Interfaces for Biomaterials
Rome, Italy, 24-28th September 2013


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Page 1: R Santos
Sea-urchin inspired wet bioadhesives - a multidisciplinary quest towards biomimicry

Page 2: A Polimeni, S Tetè, EF Gherlone
Evaluation of synthetic bone substitute engineered with amniotic epithelial cells in bone regeneration

Page 3: P Flammang, M Demeuldre, E Hennebert
An overview of biomimetic approaches for biomedical adhesives development

Page 4: M Röhrig, M Schneider, H Louvin, A Hopf, M Worgull, H Hölscher
Analysis and Fabrication of nanofur for biomimetic applications

Page 5: J Saiz-Poseu, B García, J Sedó, J Hernando, F Busqué, D Ruiz-Molina
Versatile functional surfaces and interfaces via direct reaction of bioinspired catechols

Page 6: M Demeuldre, R Wattiez, E Hennebert, P Flammang
How do sea cucumber Cuvierian tubules become sticky? A comparative histological approach

Page 7: F Bosia, S Colella, NM Pugno
Analysis of the adhesion of hierarchical fibrillar structures using finite element simulations

Page 8: G Furtos, MA Naghiu, H Declercq, M Cornelissen, M Gorea, C Prejmerean, M Tomoaia-Cotisel
Nano forsterite biocomposites for biomedical application: Mechanical properties and bioactivity

Page 9: MM Beppu, CG Aimoli, DO Lima
Calcification of natural polymer biomaterials: understanding the mechanisms of calcium phosphate precipitation

Page 10: E Hennebert, M Demeuldre, R Wattiez, P Ladurner, P Flammang
Towards the identification of the proteins involved in sea star adhesion

Page 11: M Haber, I Lir
Human skin surface model material substrate for in-vitro adhesion assays

Page 12: S Akerboom, M Kamperman
Nanostructured bioinspired dry adhesives

Page 13: Y Ohgoe, A Homma, KK Hirakuri, A Funakubo, Y Fukui
Investigation of modified a-C:H film coatings for biomedical applications

Page 14: AR Leong, N Cole, N Kumar, MD Willcox
An antimicrobial and biocompatible peptide surface coating

Page 15: L Altomare, L Petrini, F Migliavacca, S Farè
PCL coatings on magnesium alloy

Page 16: J Wang, H Sun, YH He, Y Yun, N Huang
Nanocrystal iron film prepared using a filtered cathodic vacuum arc for improving biocompatibility of vascular devices

Page 17: X Ding, C Yang, JL Hedrick, YY Yang
PEG-b-cationic polycarbonate diblock copolymer as antibacterial and antifouling coating for intravascular catheters

Page 18: L Joska, J Fojt, V. Cvrcek, V Brezina
Titanium-alloyed DLC layers for implants

Page 19: S Lerouge, P Thalla, P Lequoy, H Fadlallah, B Liberelle, H Savoji, MR Wertheimer, G De Crescenzo, Y Merhi
Bioactive coatings with low-fouling, non-thrombogenic but cell-adhesive properties, using chondroitin sulphate

Page 20: MA Moraes, T Crouzier, MM Beppu, M Rubner
Thin films with controlled fibroin fibril deposition for contact with cells

Page 21: V Montaño, P Chevallier, D Mantovani, E Pauthe
The effect of fibronectin/phosphorylcholine coatings on PTFE substrates on endothelial cells adhesion and hemocompatibility properties

Page 22: D Mushahary, C Wen, JM Kumar, N Harishankar, G Pande, P Hodgson, Y Li
Effect of Collagen type-I on the rate of osseointegration of Ca-containing biodegradable Mg-Zr based alloys

Page 23: M Uezono, K Takakuda, M Kikuchi, S Suzuki, K Moriyama
Optimum cross-section for hydroxyapatite/collagen nanocomposite-coated subperiosteal devices

Page 24: K Vasilev
Nanoengineered plasma polymer films

Page 25: D Rodriguez, FJ Gil
Surface functionalization of metallic biomaterials with antibacterial compounds

Page 26: S Rtimi, C Pulgarin, J Kiwi
Innovative Cu and Cu/TiO2 ultrathin adhesive films deposited by HIPIMS inducing accelerated inactivation of E. coli, MRSA under solar and actinic light

Page 27: M Cloutier, R Tolouei, O Lesage, S Turgeon, L Lévesque, M Tatoulian, D Mantovani
Highly stable, dual effect antibacterial coatings deposited via a hybrid plasma process

Page 28: Y Han, JC Cho, MH Jung, YH Lee
Antibiofouling microfiltration membranes prepared by plasma-induced hydrophilic surface modifications

Page 29: TB Taketa, RSN Brilhante, JJC Sidrim, MM Beppu
Antifungal activity of hyaluronic acid / chitosan nanostructured films containing silver ions

Page 30: J Barros, L Grenho, CM Manuel, OC Nunes, LF Melo, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
Adsorption, system release and antimicrobial properties of chlorhexidine on nanohydroxyapatite coatings

Page 31: L Grenho, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
Antibacterial activity of nanohydroxyapatite containing zinc oxide nanoparticles

Page 32: B Labat, S Morin-Grognet, F Gaudière, L Bertolini-Forno, JP Vannier, G Ladam, H Atmani
Osteoconductivity of crosslinked biomimetic LbL films atop nano/microstructured Ti-6Al-4V

Page 33: L Grenho, CL Salgado, MH Fernandes, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
In vitro biocompatibility and in vivo antibacterial effect of nanohydroxyapatite and zinc oxide granules (nanoHA/ZnO)

Page 34: Y Shi, M Li, Q Liu, Z Jia, X Xu, Y Cheng, Y Zheng, T Xi, S Wei
Electrophoretic Deposition of Graphene Oxide Reinforced Chitosan–Hydroxyapatite Composite Coatings for Biomedical Applications

Page 35: Y Leng, X Ge, M Yang, X Lu
Bacterial behavior on micro-patterned surfaces

Page 36: M Talantikit, A Leduc, J Barbeau, LH Yahia
Utilization of NO coupled iron oxide nanoparticles for an antibacterial treatment

Page 37: SH Hakobyan, O Rzhepishevska, R Ruhal, M Ramstedt
Towards anti-biofilm surfaces

Page 38 M Varisco, PS Brunetto, KM Fromm
Biocompatible antimicrobial surfaces based on metals – vancomycin complexes

Page 39: F Nagano-Takebe, H Miyakawa, F Nakazawa, K Endo
Inhibition of initial bacterial adhesion to titanium by lactoferrin

Page 40: D Moreau, Y Auriac, M Betbeder, DN Ku, L Corté
Hydrogel coatings with tunable surface exposure of hydroxyapatite

Page 41: E Vaselli, MG Santonicola
Zwitterionic polymer brushes as dynamic cell-active interfaces: synthesis and characterization by imaging ellipsometry

Page 42: DA Mbeh, TS Djavanbakht, L Tabet, K Maghni, E Sacher, LH Yahia
Effect of cell culture media on nanoparticle-protein complexes: perspectives on cellular response

Page 43: M Sennaroglu Bostan, E Mutlu, H Kazak, SS Keskin, E Toksoy Oner, MS Eroglu
Thermo-mechanical and spectroscopic characterization of chitosan/PEO/levan ternary blend films for bioactive coatings

Page 44: A Sionkowska, S Lazare
Photochemical modification of collagen and silk fibroin films for potential biomedical applications

Page 45: M Heller, PW Kämmerer, J Brieger, B Al-Nawas, R Förch
Comparison of extracellular matrix proteins on the cellular response after covalent immobilization onto titanium using plasma polymerized allylamine

Page 46: EC Michel, V Montaño, P Chevallier, A Labbé-Barrère, D Letourneur, D Mantovani
Grafting of dextran copolymers for a long-term stable stent coating

Page 47: I Liascukiene, SJ Asadauskas, N Aissaoui, JF Lambert, J Landoulsi
Self-assembly of fatty acids on hydroxylated aluminum surface: Nanoscale organization and effect on protein adsorption

Page 48: A Larrañaga, AA Guay-Bégin, P Chevallier, G Sabbatier, J Fernández, G Laroche, JR Sarasua
Effect of protein grafting on the hydrolytic degradation of lactide and caprolactone based biodegradable elastomeric terpolymer

Page 49: J Landoulsi, A Berquand, C Méthivier, CM Pradier
Mechanism of interaction of oligopeptides with copper surfaces: Sticking versus strapping

Page 50: F Di Caprio, P Altimari, D Uccelletti, F Pagnanelli, L Toro
Copper biosorption on immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae biomass

Page 51: KI Pakkanen, JB Madsen, S Lee
Conformation of bovine submaxillary mucin on hydrophobic surface

Page 52: A Paciello, AM Cusano, MG Santonicola
Bioactive and photoactive PEI hydrogels as platforms for biomolecule immobilization

Page 53: F Boccafoschi, L Fusaro, M Botta, M Ramella, M Cannas
Polymers functionalization: when biomimetic peptides guide different biological effects

Page 54: Y Irani, SJP McInnes, HM Brereton, KA Williams, NH Voelcker
Porous silicon as a scaffold for rat oral mucosal epithelial cells and transfer to the eye

Page 55: A Nagai, T Hattori, K Nozaki, M Aizawa, K Yamashita
Electric fields induced by electric polarization reduce proliferation rates of tumor cell through cell cycle modulation

Page 56: YT Liu, KC Kung, TM Lee, TS Lui
Enhanced cell response on zirconia by bio-inspired surface modification

Page 57: K Göeken, C Ricci, D D’Alessandro, L Trombi, S Berrettini, CA van Blitterswijk, S Danti, L Moroni
Electrospun scaffolds as a versatile controlled release platform to induce osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Page 58: R Cordeiro, GL Santos, H Faneca, JP Mendes, AC Serra, JFJ Coelho
Evaluation of the biocompatibility of cholesterol-poly[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate] synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization

Page 59: MR Wertheimer, A St-Georges-Robillard, JC Ruiz, S Lerouge, F Mwale, PL Girard-Lauriault, B Elkin, C Oehr, W Wirges, R Gerhard
Cell-Surface Interactions on Organic Thin Films: Chemistry or Electrostatics?

Page 60: JJ de S. Melo, LF Gomes, FHS Sales, RSB Melo
Study of the solid-liquid-solid mechanism through of the growth of nanowires as neuroprotection and excitotoxity model in vitro

Page 61: A Carvalho, A Pelaez-Vargas, D.Hansford, MH Fernandes, MP Ferraz, FJ Monteiro
Cells and bacteria behaviour on micropatterned isotropic and anisotropic bioactive surfaces

Page 62: T Saito, K Teraoka
Design of arrayed 3D architectures to induce and maintain cell patterns

Page 63: ML Focarete, LS Dolci, SD Quiroga, M Gherardi, R Laurita, A Liguori, E Ghedini, P Sanibondi, A Fiorani, L Calzà, V Colombo
Surface modification of poly(L-lactic acid) electrospun scaffold by atmospheric plasma: scaffold properties and fibroblast morphological response

Page 64: N Huang, YX Leng, YJ Weng, J Wang, P Yang, JY Chen, H Sun, GJ Wan, AS Zhao, KQ Xiong
New strategies for developing cardiovascular stent surface with novel functions

Page 65: J Harrison, R Tolouei, C Paternoster, S Turgeon, D Mantovani
Degradation study of pure iron for applications as biodegradable cardiovascular devices in different simulated physiological fluids

Page 66: B Finke, H Rebl, B Nebe, R Bader, U Walschus, M Schlosser, KD Weltmann
Anti-adhesive finishing of temporary implant surfaces by a plasma-fluorine-polymer

Page 67: R Cordeiro, GL Santos, H Faneca, AC Serra, JFJ Coelho
Comparative biocompatibility evaluation of poly(β-amino ester) and poly[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate]

Page 68: I Carmagnola, V Chiono, S Cabodi, F Boccafoschi, F Logrand, G Tarone, G Ciardelli
Bioactive coating via layer-by-layer method to improve stent endothelialization

Page 69: F Watari, N Iwadera, S Ito, T Akasaka, Y Yawaka, R Ikhtiari, P Begum, B Fugetsu
Dynamic cell response behavior to various nanoparticles

Page 70: D Chacon, C Wu, M Hindié, S Aslan, J Phelps, A Gand, P Van Tassel, E Pauthe
Thin films biomaterials: mechanical rigidity and bioactivity

Page 71: M Caligari Conti, A Karl, P Schembri Wismayer, J Buhagiar
Biocompatibility and characterisation of a Kolsterised® medical grade cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy

Page 72: S Anastasova, AM Spehar-Deleze, P Vadgama
Barrier membrane protected in vivo biosensors

Page 73: J Salbach-Hirsch, E Tsourdi, V Hintze, D Scharnweber, S Möller, M Schnabelrauch, M Rauner, LC Hofbauer
Glycosaminoglycan sulfation of artificial extracellular matrix coatings enhances regenerative potential of bone cells

Page 74: HB Lopes, TS Santos, FS de Oliveira, GP Freitas, ALG de Almeida, R Gimenes, AL Rosa, MM Beloti
Effect of poly(vinylidene-trifluoroethylene)/barium titanate membrane on in vivo bone formation

Page 75: YM Elcin, YE Arslan, E Baykan, A Koc, T Ibsirlioglu, AE Elcin
Biomimetic tissue engineering approach using adipose mesenchymal stem cells

Page 76: ED Giol, S Van Vlierberghe, P Dubruel
Bio-inspired surface modification of PET for haemocompatibility enhancement

Page 77: C Ricci, D D’Alessandro, S Ugel, S Sartoris, V Bronte, L Moroni, S Danti
Interaction of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells with polymeric scaffolds to develop tissue-engineered cancer models.

Page 78: D Cilli, S Bertoldi, S Farè, MC Tanzi, JJ Cooper-White
Interaction of MSCs with biomimetically-functionalized PU substrates for meniscal tissue engineering

Page 79: Y Wang, U Sarig, T Bronshtein, FYC Boey, SS Venkatraman, M Marchluf
Using a co-culture model to vascularize a natural cardiac patch from porcine extracellular matrix

Page 80: P Tabeling
Droplets and other things made by microfluidic technology

Page 81: F Paquet-Mercier, NB Aznaveh, M Safdar, J Greener
New microfluidic reactors for Raman imaging of catalytic biomaterials

Page 82: A Giacomello, M Chinappi, S Meloni, CM Casciola
Surface patterning for wetting and liquid flow control

Page 83: A Gala-García, T Lobaina, R Zhurbenko , I Alfonso, DS Peñaranda, ADM Gomes, SML Gontijo, RD Sinisterra, C Rodriguez, ME Cortes
Nanoparticulated calcium phosphate ceramic for diagnostic: physico-chemical characterization and microbiological properties

Page 84: E Mostaed, Q Ge, M Vedani, PA De Oliveira Botelho, C Zanella, F Deflorian
Investigation on the influence of grain size on strength, ductility, and corrosion properties in Mg and Mg-Zn based alloys for biodegradable stents

Page 85: A Carradò, G Pourroy, L Rimondini, H Palkowski,
Sandwich material systems: A solution for medical applications?

Page 86: SQ Yan, WL Xu, MZ Li, Q Zhang
Nanowire silk fibroin/hyaluronic acid scaffolds via a novel process

Page 87: L Altomare, E Guglielmo, EM Varoni, L Rimondini, L De Nardo
Chitosan scaffolds with hierarchical porosity

Page 88: MR Ribeiro, MA de Moraes, MM Beppu, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
Effect of dialysis and freezing on the properties of silk fibroin hydrogels

Page 89: T Onoki, T Tago, Y Naganuma, A Nakahira
Chitosan/apatite composite bulk materials by low temperature processing techniques and its mechanical properties

Page 90: A Hui Ying, SA Irvine, R Avrahami, U Sarig, T Bronshtein, E Zussman, F Boey, M Machluf, S Venkatraman
Entrapment of Cells within Core-shell Electrospun Scaffold Fibers

Page 91: F Variola, S Francis Zalzal, A Leduc, J Barbeau, A Nanci
Mesoporous titanium surfaces limit bacterial adhesion

Page 92: K Komm, M Miles-Rossouw, A Ketabchi, F Variola
Nanoporous titanium surfaces for sustained drug elution

Page 93: A Markulin, L Corich, V Borelli, F Vita, A Bandiera
HELP-based matrices for stimuli-responsive controlled release of bioactive compounds

Page 94: G Ciofani, GG Genchi, B Mazzolai, V Mattoli, A Bandiera
Recombinant human elastin-like magnetic microparticles for drug delivery and targeting

Page 95: MR Dzamukova, EA Naumenko, NI Lannik, RF Fakhrullin
Scaffold-free tissue engineering based on surface-modified magnetic human cells

Page 96: S Orlanducci, S Gay, G Reina, V Guglielmotti, E Tamburri, T Lavecchia, ML Terranova, M Rossi
Engineered nanocarbon surfaces for nanomedicine

Page 97: OS Shenderova, S Hens, I Vlasov, JM Rosenholm
Nanocarbon-based biomaterials: present and future

Page 98: SJP McInnes, Y Irani, HR Lad, KA Williams, NH Voelcker
Porous silicon films and microparticles as a vehicle for the loading and extended release of Infliximab to the eye

Page 99: S Indulekha, P Arunkumar, R Srivastava, D Bahadur
Novel thermo-responsive poly (N-vinyl caprolactam)-g-chitosan sponges as an on-demand drug delivery system for pain management

Page 100: P Arunkumar, S Indulekha, R Srivastava, P Sharma, S Vijayalakshmi
In situ PCL micro particles loaded chitosan composite gels as an intra articular drug delivery system for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Page 101: A Sarkissian, C Côté, SW Wolfe
Non-equilibrium plasma applications to advanced surface and interface engineering of biomaterials

Page 102: M Mavadat, S Turgeon, G Laroche
Correlation between plasma physicochemical characteristics and treated surface chemistry

Page 103: S Rtimi, C Pulgarin, J Kiwi
RF-plasma and UVC pretreatment increasing the metal and semiconductor nanoparticles bacterial inactivation in the dark and under light irradiation 

Page 104: SA Alves, R Bayón, V Saénz de Viteri, MP Garcia, A Igartua, MH Fernandes, LA Rocha
Tribocorrosion behavior of anodic titanium oxide films and assessment of cell-materials interactions

Page 105: B Da Silva, G Schelcher, L Winter, C Guyon, P Tabeling, D Bonn, M Tatoulian
Plasma surface modification of a new family of microfluidic chips for biological applications

Page 106: E Sardella, M Garzia Trulli, R Gristina, JC Shearer, ER Fisher, P Favia
Plasma modification of porous scaffolds by means of plasma assisted processes

Page 107: L Angeloni, R Tolouei, C Paternoster, L Lévesque, S Turgeon, M Rossi, D Mantovani
Surface treatments of SS316L substrates for plasma-based Diamond Like Carbon coatings: study of the surface properties

Page 108: A Stoica, V Buršíková, T Novotný, L Zajíčková, A Manakhov, J Procházková
Study of cell proliferation on modified diamond-like carbon films prepared by plasma enhanced CVD

Page 109: F Marinozzi, F Bini, A Marinozzi
Hygroscopic swelling in single trabeculæ from human femur head

Page 110: S Arce, CH Valencia
Description of mechanical and biological factors affecting the bone-biomaterial(β tricalcium phosphate and chitosan), implanted in animal model

Page 111: JB Madsen, N Nikogeorgos, MA Hachem, B Svensson, S Lee
Biotribological properties of bovine submaxillary mucin (BSM) at the hydrophobic interface

Page 112: M Boix, S Eslava, G Machado, E Saiz, J de Coninck
Fibrinogen and albumin adsorption on sol-gel calcium phosphate substrates measured by FTIR-ATR

Page 113: K Adamska, M Szubert, K Szymański, A Voelkel
Chromatographic techniques in surface characteristic of ceramic biomaterials

Page 114: GBC Cardoso, D Maniglio, FZ Volpato, A Tondon, C Migliaresi, R Kaunas, CAC Zavaglia
Oleic acid surfactant in polycaprolactone (PCL)-based composites for bone tissue engineering

Page 115: K Grandfield, H Engqvist
Characterization of Dental Interfaces with Electron Tomography

Page 116: A Shchukarev, M Ramstedt
Cryogenic X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy enables studies of unaltered biological and biomedical surfaces and interfaces

Page 117: W Walke, J Przondziono, J Szade
Electrochemical and XPS studies of AISI 316L stainless steel after ethylene oxide sterylization

Page 118: J Przondziono, W Walke
Electrochemical behavior and XPS studies of X10CrNi 18-8 steel after steam sterilization

Page 119: C Tsukada, T Tsuji, K Matsuo, G Kutluk, H Nameki, T Yoshida, S Yagi
Spectroscopic and morphological studies on interaction between gold nanoparticles and liposome constructed with phosphatidylcholine(PC)

Page 120: KG Nickel, M Keuper, C Berthold
On the surplus of combinatorial surface analysis of biomaterials: The case of degradation in Zirconia ceramics at body temperature

Page 121: M Bornapour, M Cerruti, D Shum-Tim, M Pekguleryuz
Biocompatibility, bio-degradation and mechanical properties of Mg-0.5Sr alloy for use as temporary cardiovascular implants: The formation of Sr-substituted hydroxyapatite

Page 122: DN Awang Shri, K Tsuchiya, A Yamamoto
Surface characteristic and in vitro biocompatibility of HPT-deformed NiTi alloys

Page 123: M Dorri, M Cloutier, S Turgeon, N Brodusch, R Gauvin, D Mantovani
Nano-thick amorphous oxide layer grown on SS316L to improve corrosion characteristics in biological environment

Page 124: P Choungthong, S Sribuddthinipon, C Dumkum
Interface implant – bone cement : Damage mechanism of thin film coating on TiAl6V4-alloy

Page 125: KC Kung, YT Liu, HL Chang, YC Li, TM Lee, TS Lui
Characteristics and biological responses of strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium by electrochemical deposition

Page 126: S. Laurencin, K Roelofs, K Spiller, G Palmese, A Lowman
Osmotically conditioned superporous hydrogels: assessment of pore network topography

Page 127: L Sánchez-Abella, V Ruiz, I Loinaz, G Cabañero, H-J Grande
New photoactive surfaces based on poly(ethylene glycol)-graphene composite hydrogels for MALDI-TOF analysis of biomolecular interactions

Page 128: C Cui, DJ Ahn
Interfacial design of conjugated polymer hybrid sensor probes for enhanced-and-suppressed optical and spectral signals in PL and Raman scattering

Page 129: P Patel, T Soni, V Thakkar, T Gandhi
Preparation and characterization of polymeric nanoparticle as carrier for pulmonary administration

Page 130: A Roguska, M Pisarek, M Lewandowska, KJ Kurzydłowski
Metal oxide nanotubular layers loaded with Ag and ZnO nanoparticles intended for antibacterial coatings

Page 131: S Nishimoto, M Becchaku, Y Kameshima, M Miyake
Wettability patterns prepared on superhydrophobic TiO2 photocatalyst films

Page 132: M Sennaroglu Bostan, E Mutlu, H Kazak, SS Keskin, E Toksoy Oner, MS Eroglu
Surface characterization of chitosan/PEO/levan ternary blend films

Page 133: D Passeri, M Reggente, L Angeloni, E Tamburri, V Guglielmotti, G Reina, ML Terranova, M Rossi
Nanomechanical characterization of soft materials and nanocomposites by atomic force microscopy

Page 134: M Regis, S Fusi, F Sbaiz, P Bracco
Characterization of VPS coated CFR PEEK interface and substrate

Page 135: G. Diaconu, T. Schäfer
Studying surface interaction with proteins using advanced surface characterization techniques

Page 136: R Tolouei, C Paternoster, S Turgeon, D Mantovani
Low temperature plasma-based process for surface functionalization of cotton textiles

Page 137: I Ghaeli, MA Moraes, M Beppu, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
Physicochemical properties of collagen/silk fibroin films

Page 138: Y Ding, P Huang, X Lu, N Huang, Y Leng
Micro-topographic patterns direct endothelial and smooth muscle cell fates for cardiovascular devices

Page 139: T Fatanat-Didar, K Li, T Veres, M Tabrizian
Microfluidic Lab on-a-Chip devices for high throughput rare cell sorting

Page 140: H Koga, T Sada, T Fujigaya, N Nakashima, K Nakazawa
Stepwise cell patterning using a near-infrared-responsive gel

Page 141: M Pinto, JM Miranda, FJ Monteiro
Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus sobrinus adhesion in microfluidic device under dynamic conditions

Page 142: WW Araújo, MC Salvadori, FS Teixeira, HJM Amorim, GN Silva, DMF Salvadori,IG Brown
CHO cell adhesion on modified surfaces of different materials.

Page 143: RD Boehm, B Chen, SD Gittard, HA Scott, BN Chichkov, NA Monteiro-Riviere, A Nasir, RJ Narayan
Indirect rapid prototyping of small-scale medical devices

Page 144: AG Demir, B Previtali
A comparative study of femtosecond and nanosecond laser microcutting of AZ31 magnesium alloy stents

Page 145: IU Ahad, B Budner, H Fiedorowicz, A Bartnik, D Brabazon
Nitrogen doping in biomaterials by extreme ultraviolet (EUV) surface modification for biocompatibility control

Page 146: J Fojt, V Filip, L Joska, H Moravec, J Fencl
Properties of nanostructured real surfaces for implants

Page 147: C Petzold, H Haugen, KA Gross
Designing hydroxyapatite coating topography at the micro and nano level

Page 148: E Pagès, M Rémy, M Medina, B Guillotin, R Devillard, F Guillemot
Controlling MSC self-organization by Laser-Assisted Bioprinting

Page 149: AG Demir, V Furlan, N Lecis, B Previtali
Controlling wetting properties of AZ31 Mg alloy via laser surface structuring

Page 150: K Nakazawa, T Hara, H Koga
Embryoid body culture of ES cells using gelatin/PEG micropatterned chips

Page 151: V Sharma, KA Blackwood, D Haddow, JF Dye
Protein binding functionalisation of plasma-derivatized silicone surfaces.

Page 152: F Sima, E Axente, LE Sima, U Tuyel, MS Eroglu, N Serban, C Ristoscu, SM Petrescu, E Toksoy Oner, IN Mihailescu
Pulsed Laser technologies for the transfer of levan nanostructures

Page 153: B Maldonado, P Flammang, J Piette, C Van De Weerdt
Identification, production and characterization of phenoloxydases from marine organisms

Page 154: CRA Mahl, MM Beppu
Effect of histidine on the surface of chitosan beads after adsorption of copper ions

Page 155: CS Campelo, MM Beppu, RS Vieira
Evaluation of in vitro calcification of pristine and sulfonated chitosan for use on stents

Page 156: K Mireles, M Talantikit, TD Samani, M Mohammadi, E Sacher, LH Yahia
Physico-chemical properties of synthetic SPIONs in comparison with magnetosomes

Page 157: M Basiaga, W Walke, Z Paszenda, P Karasiński
Research on electrochemical properties SiO2 layer, intended for contact with blood, deposited by sol-gel method

Page 158: GBC Cardoso, ABM Silva, M Sabino, AR Santos Jr, CAC Zavaglia
Novel hybrid membrane of chitosan/ polycaprolactone for tissue engineering

Page 159: N Kang, J Lee, MH Jung, YH Lee
Comparative study of the adhesion of biochemical complex macromolecules and chemical scales to reverse osmosis membrane surfaces

Page 160: YC Li, YT Liu, KC Kung, TM Lee, CC Wang
Fabrication and characterization of bioactive porous coatings on tantalum through micro-arc oxidation process

Page 161: KC Kung, YT Liu, JL Chen, TM Lee, TS Lui
Characteristics of calcium phosphate coated on titanium oxide nanotube arrays: an in vitro study

Page 162: J Kang, J Kang, Y Kim, S Heon Kim
Matrix engineering for stem cells function: mesenchymal stem cells characteristics on a FGF2-immobilized surface

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