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Special issue eCM - 2011 scientific days in Toulouse 16-17 June 2011

The Association SFBD (Société Francophone de Biomatériaux Dentaires ­ Dental Biomaterials Francophone Society) is a French scientific society, which aims to gather all dental specialists (manufacturers, dentists or physician users, researchers and students) from France and French-speaking countries in the field of biomaterials, biomechanics for reconstruction and tissue engineering applied to the repair tissues of the oro-facial area.

Francophone research in the field of biomaterials has been particularly dynamic in recent years as well as worldwide research in this field. The teams from most French universities, with our European colleagues and friends from the Swiss and Belgian Francophone universities, are very involved in the improvement of the quality of dental care, and this improvement will occur through basic research and applied research.

As you read the summaries of the 2011 scientific days in Toulouse, no discipline involving biomaterials is absent from this work. This could occur due to the existence of close links between members of our association, which celebrated in 2013 its 30 years of existence. These studies are made possible thanks to the loyal support of institutional and industrial partners who helped us to research, develop and publish freely and independently.

The next Scientific SFBD Days will take place on 19 and 20 May 2014 in Liege, Belgium. Once again, we hope to be very numerous and active and we will welcome you with pleasure to share our passion in dental biomaterials.

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