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Bone and Implant Infection
June 24-26, 2015, Convention Centre, Davos Platz, Switzerland

One of the most common and serious complications associated with the implantation of a biomaterial into a biological system, such as the human body, is bacterial infection. This issue is especially overlooked in the fields of tissue engineering and biomaterials. These infections usually involve bacterial colonisation and biofilm formation on the implant itself, though infections may also develop in the surrounding tissues. This conference aims to bring together microbiologists, biomaterial scientists, trauma surgeons, tissue engineers and cell biologists to focus on the latest research in bacterial pathogenesis, biomaterial strategies to reduce these infections and the host response to implant related infections. A special focus will be on orthopedic and trauma related infections. The outcome should be an increased understanding of the topic and a fostering of the interaction between scientists and clinicians.

Local Conference Organisers

Dr. Fintan Moriarty
Group Leader Musculoskeletal Infection, AO Research Institute, Davos, CH.

Prof. Geoff Richards
Editor-in-Chief, Webmaster, Web Editor, Founder eCM

Director, AO Research Institute, Davos, CH.

Dr. Martin Stoddart
eCM Conferences Co-ordinator and Webmaster

Scientific Editor eCM Journal.
Principal Scientist, Musculoskeletal Regeneration, AO Research Institute, Davos, CH.

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