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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2017, Collection 1

10th annual meeting for Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials (ScSB) "Underlying Challenges in Biomaterials"
March 15-27, 2017,Hafjell, Norway


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Page 1: Ø Arlov, G Skjåk-Bræk, E Öztürk, M Zenobi-Wong
Sulfated alginates as biomaterials

Page 2: A Molska, X Liu, P Sikorski, DC Bassett
3D cell culture of adherent cells within alginate and alginate-collagen hydrogels

Page 3: J Borges, MP Sousa, C Goksu, SG Caridade, MO Guler, JF Mano
Biomimetic polysaccharide/peptide amphiphile supramolecular multilayered nanobiomaterials as instructive cell platforms

Page 4: SG Caridade, MP Sousa, JF Mano
Unravelling the potential of free-standing membranes from natural-based polymers made by layer-by-layer for biomedical applications

Page 5: Catalano E, Geisler J, Kristensen VN
Dual tumor targeting therapy on breast cancer cells by doxorubicin-bioconjugated carboxylic acid magnetic nanoparticles

Page 6: Catalano E
Design and in vitro evaluation of bare and silica-coated iron-oxide nanoparticles

Page 7: AS Chahal, M Schweikle, H Tiainen
Attachment and morphology of human mesenchymal stem cells on PEG-maleimide hydrogels

Page 8: S Dąbrowska, E Pietrzykowska, A Chodara, R Mukhovskyi, T Chudoba, W Łojkowski
Nanohydroxyapatite synthesized by using microwave energy for medical applications

Page 9: A George, S Ravindran
Extracellular matrix as a template for hard tissue engineering

Page 10: NC Gomes, F Romero-Gavilán, AM Sánchéz-Perez, F Elortza, M Gurruchaga, I. Goñi, J Suay
Biocompatibility problems: an alternative method to approach in vitro testing?

Page 11: M Gomez-Florit, JE Reseland, HJ Haugen
Synthetic intrinsically-disordered-peptides for bone tissue engineering

Page 12: R Greenhalgh, C Louis, WS Ambler, L Xu, N Tirelli, JJ Blaker
Porous bioactive sol-gel inorganic/gelatin class II fibres via solution blow spinning

Page 13: J Hugo, OC Koldsland, H Tiainen
Porcine mandible blocks as a novel method for assessing biofilm formation and removal in class two furcation defects in vitro

Page 14: M Hulander, H Valen Rukke, M Andersson
Role of fibrinogen conformation for the adhesion of S.epidermidis on surface immobilized SiO2 nanoparticles

Page 15: O Janson, M Strømme , H Engqvist , K Welch
Effect of irradiated TiO2/H2O2 suspensions on Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm

Page 16: U Johansson, M Widhe, ND Shalaly, I Linares Arregui, P-O Berggren, C Gasser, M Hedhammar
Silk-assembly enables integration of viable cells into engineered tissue

Page 17: T Jøraholmen, M Westrin,O Fergani
Biocompatibility and mesenchymal stem cells adhesion on additively manufactured and magnetically assisted finished 316L stainless steel

Page 18: A Kargerova, M Pekar
Collagen-hyaluronan in colloidal silver

Page 19: A Klemm, H Tiainen
Effect of cationic doping on grain boundary corrosion in TiO2 bone scaffolds

Page 20: JK Kolmas, K Pajor, L Pajchel, E Oledzka, M Sobczak
Composite alginate/hydroxyapatite containing selenium and risedronate

Page 21: H Nygren
Metal oxides, hydroxyapatite and bone healing

Page 22: M Ojansivu, L Johansson, S Vanhatupa, I Tamminen, M Hannula, J Hyttinen, M Kellomäki, S Miettinen
Knitted 3D scaffolds of polybutylene succinate support human adipose stem cell attachment, proliferation and osteogenic differentiation

Page 23: MTJ Olesen, B Fejerskov, F Dagnæs-Hansen, AN Zelikin
Calcium-alginate hydrogel beads as hosts for substrate mediated enzyme prodrug therapy

Page 24: L Pajchel, W Kolodziejski
Mesoporous nano–composite MCM-48/hydroxyapatite as a potential drug delivery system

Page 25: E Pietrzykowska, R Mukhovskyia, S Dąbrowska, T Chudoba, B Romelczyk, W Lojkowski
Production and mechanical properties of nano-hydroxyapatite / polymer composites for bone defects.

Page 26: F Romero-Gavilán, NC Gomes, AM Sánchéz-Perez, F Elortza, M Gurruchaga, I Goñi, J Suay
Proteomic identification of predictive markers related with biocompatibility problems

Page 27: HV Rukke, ISR Stenhagen, IS Dragland, HB M Kopperud
Chitosan incorporated in denture base resin reduce biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans

Page 28: P Sahariah, BS Snorradóttir, MÁ Hjálmarsdóttir, ÓE Sigurjonsson, M Másson
Design of Experiments (DOE) for the development of antimicrobial chitosan conjugates

Page 29: P Sahariah, D Wojciechowska, D Zeleinski, M Hjálmarsdóttir, D Stawski, M Másson
Acidic hydrolysis of chitosan and a derivative and the effect on antibacterial properties

Page 30: M Schweikle, SH Bjørnøy, T Zinn, P Sikorski, H Tiainen
Mineralised injectable hydrogels for bone regeneration

Page 31: Ø Stakkestad, B Thiede, SP Lyngstadaas, J Vondrasek, BS Skålhegg, R Hartvig, JE Reseland
Phosphorylation modulate ameloblastin self-assembly and Ca2+ binding

Page 32: M Gómez-Florit, S Geißler, D Wiedmer, FC Petersen, H Tiainen
Bioinspired polyphenol nanocoatings for bioactive bone-anchored implants

Page 33: D Ubele, L Pluduma, A Brangule, A Berzina, H Koivuluoto, P Vuoristo, R Juskenas, KA Gross
Investigations on the tailorability of hard tissue implant surfaces by printing

Page 34: S Ullmann, SH Bjørnøy, M Schweikle, DC Bassett, H Tiainen, P Sikorski
Following the mineralization of hydrogels

Page 35: J Vecstaudza, J Locs
Calcium phosphates with high specific surface area towards improved cell response in vitro

Page 36: K Vuornos, M Ojansivu, J Koivisto, J Parraga Meneses, N Walters, J Hyttinen, J Ihalainen, M Kellomäki, S Miettinen
Human adipose stem cell osteogenic differentiation in 3D hydrogels

Page 37: NJ Walters, TT Yu, H Vento, J Paulamäki, OP Oommen, RMP da Silva, J Hilborn, M Kellomäki, S Miettinen, E Gentleman
Modular 3D cell niches: Optimisation of biochemical and biophysical properties for bone marrow stromal cell adhesion and survival

Page 38: WY Leong, XY Ho, Y Peck, DA Wang
Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into insulin-producing islets in a macroporous hydrogel system: a pilot study

Page 39: E Westas Janco, M Hulander, M Andersson
SiO2 nanoparticle grafted surfaces as a model material for studying protein adsorption using acoustic sensing and circular dichroism

Page 40: D Wiedmer, C Cui, H Tiainen
Fenton-like behaviour of sol-gel coated TiO2 scaffolds

Page 41: L Ylä-Outinen, V Harju, J Karvinen, T Joki, J Koivisto, M Kellomäki, S Narkilahti
Hydrazone cross-linked hyaluronan-poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels for 3D neuronal applications

Page 42: V Zalite, J Locs, J Lungevics
Strontium and fluorine co-substituted hydroxyapatite for tooth enamel remineralization

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