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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2017, Collection 2

Personalised Therapies for Regenerative Medicine 
TERMIS-EU 2017 Conference, Davos, Switzerland

Oral Abstracts

Clinical Applications

CL1 Clinical problems and needs from TERM in trauma
Theodor Miclau

CL2 Modern operative cartilage treatment of the knee
Peter Angele

CL3 The Cardiocentro Ticino Experience on Cell Therapy Approaches in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease
Giuseppe Vassalli, Daniel Sürder, Lucio Barile, Lucia Turchetto, Marina Radrizzani, Tiziano Moccetti

Nature as a source of TERM biomaterials and strategies

0001 Silk&Co.: Instructive materials for tissue engineering
Antonella Motta, Claudio Migliaresi

0002 Biodegradable scaffolds for bone and cartilage tissue engineering
Nuno Neves

0004 Enhanced osteogenesis and angiogenesis in chitosan/gelatin scaffolds with controlled rheological properties
Anthie Georgopoulou, Evi Mygdali, John Marakis, Kalliopi Alpantaki, Elias Drakos, Aristides Eliopoulos, Maria Savvak, Charalampos Pontikoglou, Dimitris Vlassopoulos, Maria Chatzinikolaidou

0005 clickECM - integration of click-groups into cell-derived human extracellular matrix to create ECM-based scaffolds and coatings
Silke Keller, Valentin Wittmann, Günter Tovar, Monika Bach, Petra Kluger

0006 Magnetically responsive tropoelastin hydrogel as a platform for soft tissue regeneration applications
Tamagno Pesqueira, Raquel Costa-Almeida, Suzanne M Mithieux, Rui L Reis, Manuela E Gomes, Anthony S Weiss

Increasing reproducibility and rigor in orthopaedic preclinical research: A bone regeneration perspective

0007 Standardized implant systems for murine and rodent bone regeneration studies
Romano Matthys

0008 Murine models of bone regeneration: increasing reproducibility and rigor
Kurt Hankenson, Robert Zondevar

0009 Design of an animal study - a stepwise approach
Stephan Zeiter

0010 Preclinical orthopaedic animal models: making them ethical, relevant and reproducible
Matthew Allen

Hydrogels in tissue engineering: Progress and challenges

0011 Recent developments in collagen-based nanocomposite biomaterials
Thibaud Coradin, Christophe Hélary, Martin Desimone

0012 Visible light based micro-encapsulation of mesenchymal stem cells for osteoarthritis treatment
Fanyi Li, Vinh Truong, Helmut Thissen, Jessica Frith, John Forsythe

0013 RNA extraction from peptide hydrogels enables gene expression analysis for 3D stem cell culture
Kyle Burgess, Victoria Workman, Mohamed Elsawy, Delvac Oceandy, Alberto Saiani

0014 Oxygen mapping in 3D tissue engineering hydrogel constructs
Paul Wolff, Laura Heimann, Elisabeth Amann, Gregor Liebsch, Robert J Meier, Ernst Breel, Martijn van Griensven, Elizabeth R Balmayor

0015 In vitro and organ culture evaluation of chemically crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels for nucleus pulposus repair
MingHsien Hu, Alessio Nuzzo, Matteo D'Este, Geoff Richards, Pei-Yuan Lee, Mauro Alini, Sibylle Grad, Marianna Peroglio

0016 Tyramine-modified hyaluronan hydrogel for mesenchymal stromal cell encapsulation: cell viability and rheological properties
Peter Behrendt, Sebastian Lippross, Geoff Richards, David Eglin, Angela Armiento

SSB+RM symposium on translational cell-based therapies

0017 Novel bio-engineered dermo-epidermal skin grafts: a report on phase I clinical data and new experimental findings
Ernst Reichmann

0018 Translational platform to develop antibacterial cell therapies for wounds: three years of ambitions and challenges
Paris Jafari, Wassim Raffoul, Lee Ann Applegate

0019 Nasal chondrocytes for articular cartilage repair: update on clinical studies
Marcus Mumme, Andrea Barbero, Sylvie Miot, Anke Wixmerten, Ivan Martin, Marcel Jakob

Intervertebral disc symposium: Challenges and opportunities in annulus fibrosus repair

0020 Rupture of the annulus fibrosus: clinical presentation and current treatment options
Lorin M Benneker

0021 Design requirements for repairing the annulus fibrosus
Benjamin Werbner, Grace O'Connell

0022 Identification of functional cell population in the annulus fibrosus for tissue repair and engineering
Daisuke Sakai

0023 Biological-basis for designing biomaterials for the injured and degenerated host
Abhay Pandit

0024 Cell sources for intervertebral disc repair /regeneration
Judith Hoyland, Stephen Richardson

Bone tissue engineering

0025 Human osteoinduction: Translating preclinical promises into clinical reality. The induction of bone formation by recombinant human transforming growth factor-β3 in pre-clinical and clinical contexts
Carlo Ferretti, Ugo Ripamonti

0026 Bone remodelling imaging in a human-based in vitro co-culture model - A proof of concept
Marina Rubert, Jolanda Rita Vetsch, Lina Lehtoviita, Sandra Hofmann, Ralph Müller

0027 In vivo safety and efficacy testing of a thermally triggered injectable hydrogel, loaded with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, to promote repair and regeneration of bone defects
Abbey Thorpe, Christine Freeman, Paula Farthing, Louise Vickers, Paul Hatton, Ian Brook, Christopher Sammon, Christine Le Maitre

0028 Preclinical testing of vascularized bone tissue engineering in a large animal model
Annika Weigand, Justus P Beier, Lisa Baumgärtner, Tobias Bäuerle, Thomas Gerber, Andreas Arkudas, Raymund E Horch, Anja M Boos

0029 Site-directed immobilization of BMP-2 and noggin inhibitory peptides onto collagen i based recombinant peptide microspheres for bone regeneration
Claudia Siverino, Joachim Nickel, Heike Walles

0030 A composite matrix containing various ratios of hydroxyapatite doped with strontium for bone tissue regeneration
Camille Ehret, Thomas Sagardoy, Robin Siadous, Reine Bareille, Rachida Aid, Stanislas Pechev, Laetitia Etienne, Didier Letourneur, Erwan De Mones, Joelle Amedee

0031 Application of pro-osteogenic cell-derived vesicles
Sophie Cox, Owen Davies, Liam Grover

TERM in Ophthalmology

0032 Biomimetic materials for corneal regeneration as alternatives to donor transplantation
May Griffith

0033 Repopulating decellularized porcine corneas with human corneal fibroblasts
Julia Fernández-Pérez, Mark Ahearne

0034 Tissue-engineered Descemet's stripping endothelial keratoplasty, in vivo proof of concept in sheep
Karl Brown, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Hong Zhang, Berkay Ozcelik, Penelope McKelvie, Greg Qiao, Mark Daniell

0035 Response of corneal stromal cell behaviour to variations in substrate stiffness
Claire Kelly, Karl Kador, Mark Ahearne

0036 The tissue-engineered human cornea: a model to study corneal wound healing
Sylvain Guérin, Camille Couture, Pascale Desjardins, Gaëtan Le Bel, Karine Zaniolo, Richard Banzin, Lucie Germain

0037 3D printed recombinant collagen type III (RHC III) scaffolds and their potential for corneal tissue engineering
Steffi Matthyssen, Rory Gibney, Eleonora Ferraris, Jennifer Patterson, Nadia Zakaria

Peripheral nerve regeneration - towards clinical translation

0038 Towards clinical translation and commercialisation of living engineered neural tissue for peripheral nerve repair
James Phillips

0039 Strategies and considerations for the commercialisation of cell and gene therapies for nervous system injury
Melanie Georgiou, Michaela Sharpe, Jacqueline Barry, Matthew Durdy, James Phillips

0040 Implantation of human amniotic membrane ameliorates recurring perineural adhesions and intraneural scarring in a rat sciatic nerve fibrosis model
Angela Lemke, James Ferguson, Carina Penzenstadler, Dominika Lidinsky, Kelly Groß, Rudolf Hopf, Thomas Hausner, Heinz Redl, Susanne Wolbank

0041 Development of sterilisation strategies for acellular nerve grafts
James Holland, Georgina Webster, Helen Berry, Louise Jennings, Paul Rooney, Stacy-Paul Wilshaw

0042 Adipose derived stem cells and their extracellular vesicles as therapeutics for peripheral nerve repair
Rosanna Ching, Mikael Wiberg, Paul Kingham

0043 The impact of autologous nerve graft phenotype and extracorporeal shockwave therapy on peripheral nerve regeneration
David Hercher, Christina Schuh, Johannes Heinzel, Michaela Stainer, Rudolf Hopf, James Ferguson, Antal Nógrádi, Thomas Hausner, Heinz Redl

Artificial Organs meet @ TERMIS2017

0044 Biomimetic surfaces with glycosaminoglycans - from control of adhesion to cell differentiation and anti-inflammatory activity
Thomas Groth

0045 Injectable gelatin-hyaluronic acid hydrogels for articular cartilage regeneration
Sara Poveda-Reyes, Vladimira Moulisova, Esther Sanmartín-Masiá, Luis Quintanilla-Sierra, Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez, Gloria Gallego-Ferrer

0046 Advanced nanofibrous scaffolds combined with stem cells for the development of effective devices and therapies
Nuno Neves

0047 The effects of polyhydroxyalkanoates on insulin release from pancreatic cells
MoyinOluwa Odugbemi, Varun Pathak, VA Gault, Jochen Salber, Ipsita Roy

0048 Sustained release of nanoliposomal sodium nitrite and growth hormone from biomimetic collagen coating improves endothelialization
Nasim Salehi-Nik, Zahra Malaie-Balasi, Seyedeh Parnian Banikarimi, Ghassem Amoabediny, Behrouz Zandieh-Doulabi, Jenneke Klein-Nulend

0049 Tissue-Engineered Substitutes with Stem Cells: From the Bench to the Patient
Lucie Germain - Plenary Lecture

3D Biofabrication - Part 1: Biofabrication Science

0050 New thermoresponsive materials for cell printing and delivery
Kevin Shakesheff, Omar Qutachi, Lisa White, Felicity Rose

0051 Submerged drop-on-demand 3D bioprinting of tailored cell-laden hydrogel blends
Horst Fischer

0052 Technologies for biofabrication
Lorenzo Moroni

0053 Thiol-ene cross-linked bioinks with controlled nanoparticle release behaviour
Jürgen Groll, Tomasz Jüngst

Bone and cartilage engineering by 3D bioprinting and smart biomaterials

0054 Regenerative frontiers of smart bio-inspired self-assembling macroporous bioreactors: Beyond morphogens and stem cells
Ugo Ripamonti

0055 Hydrogels for 3D cell culture
M Markovic, Aleksandr Ovsianikov, Vladimir Mironov

0056 3D printing of polymers: one concept, a plethora of materials and applications
Peter Dubruel, Sandra Van Vlierberghe, Annemie Houben, Nele Pien, Jasper Van Hoorick, Aysu Arslan

0057 Bioceramic 3D printing for osteoporotic bone regeneration
Hui-suk Yun

0058 Poly (vinyl alcohol) based gels for cells encapsulation - design considerations
Penny Martens

Bioengineered stem cell niches

0059 Bioengineered stem cell niches for regenerative medicine and study of disease
Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, Kacey Ronaldson, John O'Neill, Sarindr Bhumiratana, Keith Yeager

0060 Testing anticancer efficacy of genetically engineered T cells in a 3D-microfluidic based preclinical platform mimicking tumor niche
Andrea Pavesi, Anthony T Tan, Serene Koh, Adeline Chia, Roger Kamm, Antonio Bertoletti

0061 Multifunctional biomaterials to modulate the behaviour of progenitor cells and to enhance skeletal muscle regneration
Sven Geißler, Taimoor Quazi, Matthias Pumberger, Georg Duda

0062 Fluorescence live detection of protein nuclear import in mesenchymal stem cells adhering to the “nichoid” nanoengineered culture substrate
Lucia Boeri, Emanuela Jacchetti, Alessandro Negro, Diego Albani, Manuela Teresa Raimondi

0063 Three-dimensional bone marrow niche model supporting long-term multiple myeloma culture and immunotherapy interventions
Maaike Braham, Monique Minnema, Zsolt Sebestyen, Trudy Straetemans, Jurgen Kuball, Cumhur Öner, Catherine Robin, Jacqueline Alblas

0064 The degree of sulfation of sulfated glycosaminoglycan mimics controls binding of fibroblast growth factor and subsequent cell processes
Rami Mhanna, Diana El Hajj, Waddah Malaeb

Enhancement of endogenous tissue repair

0065 Using the extracellular matrix to deliver growth factors and immunomodulatory signals
Mikaël Martino

0066 Extracellular vesicles from human cardiac progenitor cells: role in cardioprotection
Lucio Basile, Alessandra Ciullo, Elisabbetta Cervio, Vanessa Biemmi, Giuseppina Milano, Sara Bolis, Tiziano Torre, Tiziano Moccetti, Giuseppe Vassalli

0067 Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells recruitment from the cartilaginous endplate: a new perspective for IVD regenerative strategies through ECM remodeling
Catarina Leite Pereira, Graciosa Q Teixeira, Joana Caldeira, Matteo D'Este, David Eglin, Mauro Alini, Sibylle Grad, Mário A Barbosa, Raquel M Gonçalves

0068 Mesenchymal stem/progenitor cell heterogeneity in the endogenous synovial intimal and sub-intimal compartments
Kavitha Sivasubramaniyan, Wendy J Koevoet, Eric J Farrell, Maria Sande, Jan A N Verhaar, Gerjo J V M van Osch

0069 Exosomes to enhance diabetic wound healing
Helena Henriques-Antunes, Renato Cardoso, Joana Correia, Ermelindo Leal, Alessandra Zonari, Ana Barradas, Eugénia Carvalho, Lino Ferreira

0070 Circulating healing (CH) cells as effectors of endogenous tissue repair
Claudia Lo Sicco, Daniele Reverberi, Ranieri Cancedda, Roberta Tasso

The intervertebral disc Symposium 1: In vitro bioreactors, what is their role in evaluating IVD regeneration?

0071 Cell homing and intervertebral disc regeneration - lessons from organ culture studies
Sibylle Grad, Zhen Li, Marianna Peroglio, Mauro Alini

0072 Bovine intervertebral disc organ culture under compressive and torsional loading
Benjamin Gantenbein

0073 Intervertebral disc cell and tissue systems for in vitro investigation of degenerative mechanisms and regenerative treatments.
Keita Ito

0074 Modelling intervertebral disc injury and degeneration using organ culture
James Iatridis

3D Biofabrication - Part 2: Biofabrication Science

0075 Bioprinting: challenges to commercialization of academic research. The story of organovo
Gabor Forgacs

0076 Bioprinted kidney model for nephrotoxicity assessment
Markus Rimann, Michael Nosswitz, Nati Hernando, Carsten Wagner, Michael Raghunath

0077 Patient-specific implant made of degradable poly(trimethylene carbonate) – hydroxyapatite implant for bone repair: in vitro and in vivo evaluation
Olivier Guillaume, Mike Geven, Stephan Zeiter, Dirk Grijpma, Mauro Alini, Geoff Richards, David Eglin

0078 Photo-curable Thiol-ene Gelatin Based Hydrogel bio-inks for 3D-biofabrication of cartilage
Gabriella Brown, Bram Soliman, Sarah Bertlein, Juergen Groll, Khoon Lim, Tim Woodfield

0079 New visible light initiating system for 3D bioprinting in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Khoon Lim, Tim Woodfield

0080 Bioengineering of cortex-like constructs by bio-acoustic levitational assembly of primate neural stem cells
Frederic Padilla, Terezija Miskic, Charlene Bouyer, Florence Wianny, Colette Dehay

Novel strategies to induce chondrogenesis from stem cells

0081 Human fibroblast-derived extracellular matrix induces human mesenchymal cells condensation and chondrogenesis in 3D mesh scaffold
Kwideok Park

0082 Enhancement of chondrogenic potential in mesenchymal stem cells by regulating expression of transforming growth factor β receptors
Soo-Hong Lee, Inbo Han

0083 Umbilical cord blood derived MSCs and hydrogel composite for articular cartilage restoration
Chul-Won Ha

0084 Enhancing cartilage regeneration of synovium-derived mesenchymal stem cells by the treatment of human transglutaminase-4
Hyuk-Soo Han

Tissue engineering borders cellular therapies

0085 GMP-compliant bioreactors for scaleable decellularisation and recellularisation of scaffolds for tissue engineering
Mark Lowdell

0086 Surveying cellular and engineered tissue therapies in europe and associated countries in 2014 and 2015
Max H-P Gay, Hilary Ireland, Helen Baldomero, Massimo Dominici, Jakob Passweg, Ivan Martin

0087 A combined therapy of stem cells-derived 3d microtissue with angiopoietin-1 in peripheral arterial disease
Sangheon Kim, Jungmi Kang

0088 Immunomodulatory characteristics of adipose-derived stem cells in the cell sheet format
Naichen Cheng, Jiashing Yu

0089 Anti-fibrotic effects of cardiac-derived progenitor cells in a 3D-model of human cardiac fibrosis
Tom Bracco Gartner, Janine Deddens, Emma Mol, Marina Ferrer, Linda van Laake, Vera Verhage, Pieter Doevendans, Ali Khademhosseini, Jesper Hjortnaes, Joost Sluijter

0090 Dental stem cells potential benefits on neuroinflammation and remyelination after spinal cord injury
Pauline De Berdt, Pauline Bottemanne, Mireille Alhouayek, John Bianco, Giulio G Muccioli, Anne des Rieux

Stem cells for bone regeneration

0091 Osteogenesis by adipose-derived cells and clinical use thereof
Arnaud Scherberich

0092 Bone marrow mononuclear cell (BMC) supported therapy of large bone defects: Significant role of BMC's monocyte fraction for the bone healing response
Dirk Henrich, Caroline Seebach, René Verboket, Halvard Bönig, Ingo Marzi

0093 Superior osteogenic potential of adipogenic predifferenciated human bone marrow derived multipotent stromal cells for bone tissue engineering
Adrien Moya, Nathanaël Larochette, Marianne Bourguignon, Hanane El-Hafci, Esther Potier, Hervé Petite, Delphine Logeart-Avramoglou

0094 Translational research in the treatment of femoral head osteonecrosis with advanced cell therapy: bench-to-bedside translation
Alba López-Fernández, Roberto Vélez, Alejandro Hernández-Martínez, Ruth Coll, Joaquim Vives, Joan Garcia, Màrius Aguirre

0095 Fractionated human adipose as a native construct for the generation of a bone organ by endochondral ossification.
Julien Guerrero, Sebastien Pigeot, Alexander Haumer, Ivan Martin, Arnaud Scherberich

0096 Assessment of a scalable 3D bioreactor system for the expansion of bone-marrow derived MSCs in a novel xeno-free medium
Seán Gaynard, Georgina Shaw, Mark Briggs, Frank Barry, Mary Murphy

New trends in CNS regeneration and treatment

0097 Maximising plasticity for functional recovery after spinal cord injury
Jessica Kwok

0098 Extracellular matrix hydrogels as scaffolds for spinal cord injury repair
Sarka Kubinova, Zuzana Koci, Kristyna Zaviskova, Karel Vyborny, Jana Dubisova, Irena Vackova

0099 Stem cell therapy of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: from bench to bedside
Eva Sykova, Serhiy Forostyak

0100 Neural progenitors derived from iPS cells can serve as a tool for CNS repair
Pavla Jendelova, Jiri Ruzicka, Nataliya Romanyuk, Serhiy Forostyak, Monika Seneklova, Karolina Turnovcova, Eva Sykova

0101 Impact of the secretome of human mesenchymal stem cells on Parkinson’s disease regenerative medicine: Neuronal differentiation, brain structure and animal behavior
Fábio Teixeira, Bárbara Pinheiro, Ana Pires, Sofia Serra, Miguel Carvalho, Krishna Panchalingam, Ana Rodrigues, Graça Baltazar, Sandra Anjo, Bruno Manadas, Leo Behie, Nuno Sousa, António Salgado

0102 Remote control of cell signalling using frizzled tagged magnetic particles for neuronal cell differentiation
Michael Rotherham, Timothy Hopkins, Adam Studd, Alicia El Haj

Injectable scaffolds

0103 Collagen scaffolds with stem cells for spinal cord injury repair: from animal models to clinical study
Jianwu Dai

0104 A controllable biodegradable injectable hydrogel in combination with ADSCs as a cellular skin substitute promotes humanized diabetic wound healing
Qian Xu, Wenxin Wang

0105 Injectable platelet lysate/cellulose nanocrystals hydrogels: a novel combined approach for regenerative medicine strategies
Bárbara B Mendes, Rui M Domingues, Raquel Costa-Almeida, Pedro S Babo, Rui L Reis, Manuela E Gomes

0106 Clinical benefit of plant derived rhCollagen scaffold combined with PRP for treatment of lateral epicondylitis
Oded Shoseyov, Jasmine Seror, Rachel Gueta, Frida Grynspan, Tal Amzel, Abraham Nyska, Nadav Orr

0107 Nitric oxide releasing injectable hydrogels for anti-infective and tissue regenerative matrices
Thai Thanh Hoang Thi, Yunki Lee, Ki Dong Park

0108 An in-situ crosslinkable, adhesive scaffold for cartilage repair: an in vivo characterization
Emma Cavalli, Nicolas Broguiere, Lee Ann Applegate, Marcy Zenobi-Wong

Integrated enabling technologies for personalised regenerative medicine

0109 Integrating 3D bioprinting and bioreactor systems to engineer functional tissues and organs
Daniel Kelly

0110 Patient-specific stem-cell based organ-on-chip
Nicola Elvassore

0111 Fabrication and assessment of a microfluidic chip for 3D bone cell culture
Hossein Bahmaee, Gwendolen C Reilly, Cecile M Perrault, Frederik Claeyssens

0112 Tissue engineering an in vitro model of osteoporosis
Robert Owen, Frederik Claeyssens, Gwendolen C Reilly

0113 A new era of virtual histology: contrast-enhanced microCT to simultaneously visualize and quantify in 3D soft and mineralized biological tissues
Greet Kerckhofs, Frank P Luyten, Lies Geris

Cell-based therapies for cartilage repair

0114 Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are safe and stimulate cartilage repair upon co-implantation with chondrons
Lucienne Vonk, Tommy De Windt, Razmara Nikak, Ineke Slaper-Cortenbach, Daniel Saris

0115 Regulating chondroprogenitor cell fate using mechanical stimulation
Martin Stoddart

0116 Cartilage mimics by 3D bioprinting of ipsc
Stina Simonsson, Dong Nguyen, Alma Forsman, Josefine Ekholm, Puwapong Nimkingratana, Daniel Hägg, Camilla Brantsing, Sebastian Concaro, Mats Brittberg, Paul Gatenholm, Annika Enejder, Anders Lindahl

0117 Local biodistribution of hyaluronan-primed progenitor cells in a rabbit model of osteoarthritis: therapeutic implications for tissue repair
Giovanna Desando, Isabella Bartolotti, Carola Cavallo, Antonella Schiavinato, Cynthia Secchieri, Giuseppe Filardo, Elizaveta Kon, Maurizio Paro, Brunella Grigolo

Whole-Organ Bioengineering

0118 Whole organ bioengineering
Shay Soker

0119 Engineering human liver: from 3D micro-scaffolds to whole organ engineer
Giuseppe Mazza, Massimo Pinzani

0120 Advances in human iPSC-Derived tissues enabling microphysiological systems and regenerative medicine approaches
Sabine Lang, David Mann

0122 Mesenchymal stem cell mediated repair of ischemically damaged human renal allografts
Lauren Brasile, Nicholas Henry, Bart Stubenitsky

0123 Development of an artificial native-like layered oesophagus engineered with primary mesoangioblasts, neural and epithelial cells
Carlotta Camilli, Luca Urbani, Claire Crowley, Demetra-Ellie Phylactopoulos, Dipa Natarajan, Conor McCann, Federico Scottoni, Anna Urciuolo, Marc-Olivier Baradez, Ed Hannon, Koichi Deguchi, Asllan Gjnovci, Giulio Cossu, Simon Eaton, Paola Bonfanti, Paolo De Coppi

0124 Tools for Accelerated Innovation: Stories from Bioinspiration to Innovation
Jeffrey Karp - Plenary Lecture

Industry Day Clinical evaluation roadmap and clinical development strategies

0125 Paul Kemp

0126 Marie Paule Richard

0127 Alain Vertres

Endogenous stem cells mobilization for tissue regeneration

0128 Circulating stem cells as a source for endogenous stem cells mobilization and their clinical implications
Gang Li

0129 Targeting AMPK signal pathway to regulate the stem cells differentiation and bone regeneration
Yugang Wang, Qiming Fan, Tingting Tang

0130 Tendon stem cell fate and treatment of tendinopathy by autologous tendon cell injection in human
Minghao Zheng

0131 The effect of three-dimensional bionic collagen/silk scaffold on rotator cuff tendon regeneration
Weiliang, Ouyang

Enabling in situ extracellular and elastic matrix regenerative repair

0132 Nature’s cues towards ECM engineering - Learning from human development
Katja Schenke-Layland

0133 Making elastic arteries from synthetic polymers without exogenous cells
Yadong Wang

0134 Engineering a highly elastic protein-based surgical sealant
Nasim Annabi, Yi-Nan Zhang, Alexander Assmann, Andrea Vegh, George Cheng, Bijan Dehghani, Sidhu Gangadharan, Ali Khademhosseini, Anthony Weiss

0135 Pro-elastic matrix regenerative effects of doxycycline-release nanoparticles targeting inhibition of c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase
Andrew Camardo, Anand Ramamurthi

0136 Functional tissue formation in in situ engineered heart valves based on a resorbable elastomeric scaffold
Anthal Smits, Hanna Talacua, Daphne van Geemen, Sylvia Dekker, Marloes Janssen-van den Broek, Serge Sontjens, Patricia Dankers, Henk Janssen, Frank Baaijens, Jolanda Kluin, Carlijn Bouten

0137 Stimulating the formation of an extracellular matrix microenvironment in vitro using macromolecular crowding – first glimpse on effects on microfibrillar networks
Cedric Badowski, Michelle Lee, Michael Raghunath

Biomaterial-based treatments for ischemic diseases

0138 Biological bases of therapeutic vascularization
Andrea Banfi

0139 Synthetic high-efficient morphogens for guided angiogenesis
Maria Elena Verdenelli, Steve Meikle, Christos Tapeinos, Gary Phillips, Abhay Pandit, Matteo Santin

0140 Therapeutic angiogenesis by a VEGF and PDGF-BB gene-activated matrix
Emmanuela Bovo, Sime Brkic, Doriana Orbanic, Tatjana Flora, Roberto Gianni-Barrera, Abhay Pandit, Jose Carlos Rodríguez Cabello, Andrea Banfi

0141 Photo-grafting of VEGF protein gradients into elastin-like polymer hydrogels for improved vascularization
Sime Brkic, Emmanuela Bovo, Peter Gruber, Marica Markovic, Doriana Orbanic, Tatjana Flora, Mayanka Asthana, Roberto Gianni-Barrera, Abhay Pandit, Jose Carlos Rodriguez-Cabello, Robert Liska, Aleksandr Ovsianikov, Andrea Banfi

0142 Effect of ischemia on the glyco-envirnoment: a study on a murine model
Grazia Marsico, Dilip Thomas, Abbah Akogwu Sunny, Paolo Contessotto, Michelle Kilkoyne, Lokesh Joshi, Karl McCullagh, Abhay Pandit

0143 Elastin like recombinamers based hydrogel designed to support angiogenesis through a combination of cell adhesion cell induced biodegradation and remodeling
Tatjan Flora, Israel Gonzalez de Torre, Matilde Alonso, Jose Carlos Rodriguez Cabello

Cell-matrix interactions: innovative 3D hydrogel models for studying and directing stem cell fate

0144 Engineering organoid development in 3D artificial microenvironments
Matthias Lutolf

0145 Bi-directional interactions between stem cells and their pericellular matrix direct fate in 3D hydrogels
Silvia Ferreira, Meghna Motwani, Alexis Seymour, Tong Yu, Marjan Enayati, Dheraj Taheem, Ewa Kania, Oommen Oommen, Tarek Ahmed, Francesco Dazzi, Holger Auner, Sandra Loaiza, Oommen Varghese, Frederic Festy, Agamemnon Grigoriadis1, Laurent Bozec, Eileen Gentleman

0146 Collective cell behaviour in depth-sensing of extracellular matrix stiffness
Nicholas Evans Camelia Tusan, Bram Sengers, Shoufeng Yang, Philipp Thurner, Yu Hin Man, Eileen Gentleman, Orestis Andriotis

0147 Writing on the blank slate - Endogenous ECM deposition in synthetic PEG hydrogels and its role in microvascularization
Ulrich Blache, Vincent Milleret, Martin Ehrbar

0148 Near infrared light-mediated PEG hydrogel degradation: a new light-responsive system to study cell-material interactions
Stacey Skaalure, Muthu Jayakumar, Shaodong Zhang, Yong Zhang, Molly Stevens

0149 Injectable supramolecular double-network hyaluronic acid hydrogel towards stem cell chondrogenesis
Claudia Loebel, Christopher B Rodell, Jason A Burdick

Industry Day Planning of clinical trials in the field of Regenerative Medicine: real case scenario

0150 Vincent Ronfard

0151 Daniela Marino

0152 Mustapha Najimi

Tendon pathology and regeneration. Where are we?

0153 Enhancing tissue regeneration with electrospun fibers and scaffolds
Andrew Carr

0154 Lessons from knockout mouse models for design of tendon tissue boosters
Denitsa Docheva

0155 The role of SPARC for achilles tendon enthesis development and maturation
Andrea Wagner, Renate Gehwolf, Herbert Tempfer, Andreas Traweger

0156 Longitudinal analysis of human achilles tendon tears: Determination of changes in MMP and TIMP expression and tendon structure
Susann Minkwitz, Aysha Schmock, Alper Kurtoglu, Sebastian Manegold, Britt Wildemann, Franka Klatte-Schulz

0157 Optimization of mesenchymal stem cell cultured in PLCL-braided scaffold for ligament tissue engineering
Xing Liu, Cédric Laurent, Yun Chen, Xiong Wang, Natalia De Isla

0158 Effect of intermittent mechanical loading in a model of the early inflammatory phase of tendinopathy
Angelina D Schönenberger, Stefania Wunderli, Jasmin Egloff, Unai Silvan, Jess G Snedeker

New advancements in drug-free antibacterial biomaterials for medical applications

0159 Biocompatibility of antimicrobial polymeric materials for medical applications - How much in vitro is mandatory, how much is sufficient?
Jochen Salber, Richard Viebahn

0160 Antibacterial polymers derived from bacteria
Sheila Piarali, Elena Marcello, Pooja Basnett, Jochen Salber, Wenxin Wang, Ipsita Roy

0161 Biological response of silk-based fibers functionalized with antimicrobial peptides by mimicking bacterial infection in vivo
Albina Franco, Rogerio Pirraco, Isabel Leonor, David Kaplan, Rui Reis

0162 Novel amphipathic antimicrobial polyurethanes: Design and development of new biomaterials with intrinsic antimicrobial properties
Subha Purkayastha, Patricia Varela, Monica Boffito, Chiara Ceresa, Susanna Sartori, Letizia Fracchia, Jochen Salber, Gianluca Ciardelli

0163 Collagen - copper-doped bioactive glass composite scaffolds for the treatment of infection and regeneration of bone
Emily Ryan, Alan Ryan, Anahí Philippart, Francesca Ciraldo, Aldo Boccaccini, Cathal Kearney, Fergal O'Brien

0164 A platelet lysate antibacterial bioactive patch for tendon repair
Raquel Costa-Almeida, Albina R Franco, Isabel B Leonor, Pedro S. Babo, Tamagno Pesqueira, Rui L Reis, Manuela E Gomes

The immune system in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

0165 Macrophages as important players in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens

0166 Immunomodulation with hyaluronic acid derivative coatings
Helena Knopf-Marques, Sonali Singh, Su Su Htwe, Radovan Buffa, Julien Barthes, Pierre Schaff, Amir Ghaemmaghami, Nihal Engin Vrana, Philippe Lavalle

0167 Mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) as mediators of anti-inflammatory effects: endorsement of macrophage polarization
Roberta Tasso, Claudia Lo Sicco, Daniele Reverberi, Carolina Balbi, Elisa Principi, Luisa Pascucci, Luigi Varesio, Chiara Franzin, Michela Pozzobon, Ranieri Cancedda

0168 Allogeneic chondrogenic human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells induce Th2 T cell differentiation and inhibit Th1 T cell differentiation in vitro
Caoimhe Kiernan, Patrick Asmawidjaja, Erik Lubberts, Eric Farrell

0169 Generating an M2 pro-regenerative macrophage phenotype using nanoHA particles for bone tissue engineering
Olwyn Mahon, Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez, Daniel Kelly, Aisling Dunne

0170 Macrophage polarization and their cross-talk with mesenchymal stem cells can be modulated by substrate stiffness
Rukmani Sridharan, Andrew Cameron, Fergal J O'Brien, Daniel J Kelly

Spine, the backbone of translational medicine

0171 Relevance of NP progenitor cell niche in the endogenous regeneration potentials of the intervertebral disc
Daisuke Sakai

0172 Intervertebral disc regeneration: new strategies for the aging spine
Gianluca Vadalà, Fabrizio Russo, Maria Musumeci, Alessia Valentini, Marco Bernardini, Luca Denaro, Domenico D'Avella, Rosaria Giordano, Vincenzo Denaro

0173 An intervertebral disc organ culture model mimicking proinflammatory and degenerative disease condition
Gernot Lang, Yishan Liu, Zhiyu Zhou, David Kubosch, Norbert Südkamp, R Geoff Richards, Mauro Alini, Sibylle Grad, Zhen Li

0174 Controlled release of celecoxib from polyesteramide microparticles in a canine pre-clinical intervertebral disc degeneration model
Anna Tellegen, Martijn Beukers, Imke Jansen, Guy Grinwis, Nina Woike, George Mihov, Laura Creemers, Björn Meij, Marianna Tryfonidou

0175 Elucidation of the human foetal notochordal cell phenotype to define stem cell differentiation in intervertebral disc regeneration strategies
Stephen Richardson, Ricardo Rodrigues-Pinto, Andrew Berry, Neil Hanley, Judith Hoyland

0176 Direct versus pre-cultured injection in transplantation of cryopreserved human intervertebral disc cells in a canine disc degeneration model 
Jordy Schol, Daisuke Sakai, Shunsuke Hiraishi, Tadashi Nukaga, Isaac Erickson, Lara Silverman, Masahiko Watanabe

Industry Day Prerequisites to clinical evaluation

0177 Andreas Emmendörffer

0178 Jonathan Souquet

0179 Stretch and scale: tissue engineering from lab to industry
Suzanne Mithieux, Anthony Weiss

0180 Enabling cell therapies with bioreactors: an SME perspective to commercialisation in life science
Ruud Das

ORS Presidents cartilage symposium

0181 Scaffold materials for cartilage resurfacing
Farshid Guilak

0182 Donor cell variation and its role in stem cell therapy
Brian Johnstone

0183 Gene therapy approaches to cartilage repair
Chris Evans

Novel strategies for tissue vascularization

0184 Engineering of blood and lymphatic vascular beds
Wolfgang Holnthoner

0185 Indirect neovascularization by endogenous growth factor recruitment via heparin-binding in an ELR-based hydrogel
Doriana Orbanic, Israel González de Torre, Matilde Alonso Rodrigo, Carlos Rodríguez Cabello

0186 Effective vascularization and efficient bone formation in osteogenic grafts requires VEGF dose control
Alexander Lunger, Andrea Grosso, Maximilian Burger, Priscilla S Briquez, Jeffrey A Hubbell, Dirk J Schäfer, Andrea Banfi, Nunzia Di Maggio

0187 Glycosignatures from self-regenerating, neonatal and adult myocardial tissues are key targets for investigation for cardiac regeneration
Paolo Contessotto, Renza Spelat, Bradley Ellis, Maura Grealy, Lokesh Joshi, Peter Dockery, Pinar Zorlutuna, Michelle Kilcoyne, Abhay Pandit

0188 Promoting vascularization in biomimetic microenvironmentsvia synergistic integrin/VEGF signalling
Vladimira Moulisova, Cristina Gonzales-Garcia, Marco Cantini, Jessica Weaver, Mercedes Costell, Roser Sabater i Serra, Matthew J Dalby, Andres Garcia, Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

0189 Role of HIF-2α-regulated genes and mitochondrial function in human microvascular endothelial sprouting during prolonged hypoxia in vitro
Tessa Nauta, Rob Wüst, Michiel van Wijhe, Rocio Muñiz, Inci Korkmaz, Hinde El Otmani, Victor van Hinsbergh, Pieter Koolwijk


0190 Self-assembled peptide hydrogels for tissue engineering applications
Julie Gough

0191 Textural, macromechanical and microrheological properties of HA/collagen scaffolds and their influence on cell culture
Johanna Roether, Claude Oelschlaeger, Norbert Willenbacher

0192 Dynamic hydrogel based on Hyaluronic Acid: from viscosupplementation material to cell scaffold applications
Pablo Casuso, Amparo Baiget, Adrián Pérez-San Vicente, Hans-Jürgen Grande, Iraida Loinaz, Damien Dupin

0193 Stem cell therapies for intervertebral disc degeneration - targeting the degenerate microenvironment
Louise Vickers, Abbey Thorpe, Chris Sammon, Christine Le Maitre

0194 Development of a novel bio-synthetic gelatin-poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel for pre-vascularized osteogenically differentiated tissue analogues with enhanced structural stability
Barbara Klotz, Khoon Lim, Queralt Vallmajó Martín, Iris Pennings, Toine Rosenberg, Tim Woodfield, Jos Malda, Martin Ehrbar, Debby Gawlitta

0195 Allyl glycidyl ether modified gelatin as a versatile bioink platform for biofabrication of tissue engineered constructs
Sarah Bertlein, Gabriella C Brown, Khoon S Lim, Tomasz Juengst, Thomas Boeck, Torsten Blunk, Joerg Tessmar, Tim Woodfield, Juergen Groll

Gene transfer for cartilage regeneration

0196 New rAAV-based engineering approaches for cartilage regenerative medicine
Magali Cucchiarini

0197 Nonviral gene transfer for cartilage regeneration
Gun-Il Im

0198 Recombinant adeno associated virus mediated gene transfer and cooverexpression of transforming growth factor beta and sox9 promote the metabolic and chondrogenic activities in human bone marrow aspirates
Ke Tao, Ana Rey-Rico, Janina Frisch, Jagadeesh Kumar Venkatesan, Gertrud Schmitt, Henning Madry, Jianhao Lin, Magali Cucchiarini

0199 rAAV-mediated modification of human articular chondrocytes via delivery in polymeric PEO-PPO-PEO micelles to overexpress TGF-β
Ana Rey-Rico, Jagadesh K Venkatessan, Angel Concheiro, Henning Madry, Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo, Magali Cucchiarini

0200 Gene-activated scaffolds for cartilage defect repair can enhance cartilage formation while simultaneously inhibiting hypertrophy
Rosanne Raftery, Sally-Ann Cryan, Fergal O'Brien

0201 Modulation of Runx2 and pRb during in vitro chondrogenesis and osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stromal cells
Angela Armiento, Mauro Alini, Martin Stoddart

0202 The role of tissue-specific stem/progenitor cells in tissue engineeringand regenerative medicine
Pamela Robey - Plenary Lecture

Immunomodulation and immune engineering in regenerative medicine

0203 Bioactive coating system with self-antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties
Philippe Lavalle, Hayriye Ozcelik, Angela Mutschler, Alexander Gudima, Vladimir Riabov, Julia Kzhyshkowska, Engin Nihal Vrana

0204 Engineering immunomodulatory niches
Amir Ghaemmaghami

0205 Programing of anti-inlfammatory macrophages for implants and regenerative medicine using self-standing release systems with a phenotype-fixing cytokine cocktail formulation
Julia Kzhyshkowska, Vladimir Riabov, Fabián Salazar, Su Su Htwe, Alexandru Gudima, Christina Schmuttermaier, Julien Barthes, Helena Knopf-Marques, Harald Klüter, Amir Ghaemmaghami, Nihal Engin Vrana

0206 Mapping macrophage phenotypes in an experimental osteoarthritis model to eventually improve joint tissue regeneration
Lizette Utomo, Gerjo van Osch, Nicole Kops, Sandra van Tiel, Jan Verhaar, Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens

0207 Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells immunomodulatory role through a paracrine mechanism in degenerated IVD
Graciosa Q Teixeira, Joana R Ferreira, Catarina Leite Pereira, Mário A. Barbosa, Cornelia Neidlinger-Wilke, Raquel M. Goncalves

0208Foreign body on a chip to study implant host immune responses
Y Shrike Zhang, Su Su Htwe, Nihal Engin Vrana, Amir Ghaemmaghami, Mehmet Dokmeci, Ali Khademhosseini

Advanced materials for cell and biologics delivery

0209 Designing materials for regenerative medicine
Molly Stevens

0210 Bio-instructive materials discovery
Morgan Alexander

0211 Injectable and tunable hydrogels enhance stem cell retention and improve diabetic wound healing
Yixiao Dong, Sacha Khong, Sigen A, Nina Kosaric, Melanie Rodrigues, Elizabeth Brett, Wenxin Wang, Geoffrey Gurtner

0212 A site-specific delivery platform for all trans Retinoic Acid in pulmonary regeneration applications
Christina Payne, Sally Ann Cryan, Helena M Kelly

0213 Wound dressings with organic electronic ion pumps for anti-fibrosis therapy
Anne Géraldine Guex, David J Poxson, Daniel T Simon, Giuseppino Fortunato, René M Rossi, Katharina Maniura, Markus Rottmar

0214 Advanced treatment for arthritic diseases based on the capture and inactivation of interleukin-6 by biofunctionalized polymeric nanoparticles
Ana Cláudia Lima, Cristina Cunha, Agostinho Carvalho, Helena Ferreira, Nuno M Neves

Personalized medicine– Ethical considerations for clinical translation

0215 The ethics of biomedical innovation
Annelien Bredenoord

0216 Engineered tissues and stem cells - what are the practical hurdles for clinical translation?
Nicole Rotter

0217 The challenge of making the newly created Swiss Biobanking Platform sustainable and reliable
Sabine Bavamian, Christine Currat

0218 Legal issues for personalised TERM – Can law cope with the speed of development?
Brigitte Tag

Cartilage tissue engineering

0219 Development of 3D printed silica-gelatin sol-engineering - effects of material geometry on cartilaginous
Siwei Li, Maria Nelson, Molly Stevens, Julian Jones

0220 Engineering the fibroblast growth factor-18 for increased affinity to the cartilage extracellular matrix to delay knee osteoarthritis
Priscilla Briquez, Xavier Quaglia1 Jeffrey Hubbell

0221 Extracellular matrix-modulating enzyme expression and proteoglycan degradation are regulated by oxygen tension during chondrogenesis of bone marrow-derived stromal cells
Martin Kraehnke, Thomas Boeck, Eva Heusler, Lorenz Meinel, Rainer Meffert, Torsten Blunk

0222 The role of cell death in mesenchymal stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis
Patrizio Mancuso, Mary Murphy, Frank Barry

0223 Improving mechanical functioning of micro-fibre reinforced hydrogels for cartilage repair
Miguel Castilho, Sylvia van Kogelenberg, Jos Malda, Keita Ito

0224 Establishment of a hydrogel-based antimiR-221 delivery system for in situ guidance of cartilage repair
Andrea Lolli, Kavitha Sivasubramaniyan, Gerjo van Osch

0225 BMP9 is a potent chondrogenic factor for articular cartilage-derived chondroprogenitors
Ben Morgan, Guillermo Bauza, Charles Archer, R Steven Conlan, Lewis Francis, Ilyas Khan

Multiscale mechanobiology in tissue engineering

0226 Mechanobiology of extracellular matrix: from cells to tissues
Viola Vogel

0227 Cell geometry regulates temporal regulation of gene expression during macrophage activation
Nokhil Jain, Viola Vogel

0228 Strain-controlled organ culture of bone-ligament-bone human-derived anterior cruciate ligaments – an ex-vivo model to investigate degenerative and regenerative therapy
Anna Krismer, Christian Geissberger, Ezgi Bakirci, Romina Cabra, Sandro Kohl, Sufian Ahmad, Benjamin Gantenbein

0229 The effect of implant surface texture design on peri-acetabular bone ingrowth: A multiscale mechanobiology based numerical analysis
Kaushik Mukherje, Sanjay Gupta

0230 The effect of defect size on local mechanical environment in an in vivo mouse femoral defect model
Duncan C Betts, Esther Wehrle, Gisela Kuhn, Ariane Scheuren, Graeme Paul, Sandra Hofmann, Ralph Müller

0231 Hippo effector yap is a key regulator of cell-matrix interaction
Jorge Oliver-De La Cruz, Giorgia Nardone, Jan Vrbský, Katarína Melajová, Cecilia Martini, Guido Caluori, Stefania Pagliari, Fabiana Martino, Gorazd Bernard Stokin, Giancarlo Forte

Engineering functional in vitro microenvironments

0232 Propelling mesenchymal stem cell contributions to tissue regeneration and repair through spheroid formation
Kent Leach

0233 Microfluidic oil-free fabrication of multiple 3D platforms to screen cell-material interactions
Luca Gasperini, Andreia Carvalho, Raquel Ribeiro, Alexandra Marques, Rui Reis

0234 In vitro engineering of a human bone marrow organoid
Paul Bourgine, Thibaut Klein, Anna Paczula, Takafumi Shimizu, Leo Kunz, Konstantinos Kokkaliaris, Daniel Coutu, Ivan Martin, Timm Schroeder

0235 Tissue O2–related hypoxic microenvironment ensures the resistance of adipose-tissue derived stromal cells to acute hypoxic stress
Elena Andreeva, Margarita Lobanova, Olga Udartseva, Olga Zhidkova, Ludmila Buravkova

0236 Unravelling the path to create a cell sheet-based model of skin scar-like tissue
Helena Moreira, Daniel Rodrigues, Rui Reis, Alexandra Marques

0237 A novel compression-based microbioreactor towards the modelling of osteoarthritis in a chip
Andrea Mainardi, Paola Occhetta, Lina Acevedo, Emiliano Votta, Andrea Barbero, Ivan Martin, Marco Rasponi

Self-assembling systems for complex tissue engineering

0238 Engineering macromolecular self-assembly of hyaluronan with peptides: from matrix design to biomedicine applications
Helena Azevedo

0240 Studying dynamic processes in peptide amphiphile self-assembly using super-resolution microscopy
Ricardo M P da Silva, Daan van der Zwaag, Lorenzo Albertazzi, Sungsoo S Lee, E W Meijer, Samuel I Stupp

0241 Multi-functional self-assembling hydrogels as biomimetic scaffolds for protein delivery and stem cell culture
Elham Radvar, Joao Conde, Helena Azevedo

0242 Artificial bone cells as support for osteoblast cells to enhance biomineralization
Fabian Itel, Brigitte Städler

0243 Characterization of a cell-assembled matrix (CAM) in the development of a completely biological tissue-engineered vascular graft
Laure Magnan, Sébastien Marais, Sabrina Lacomme, Etienne Gontier, Marc Bonneu, Nicolas L'Heureux

Tissue engineering as enabling technology for cancer diagnosis and treatment

0244 The role of tissue engineering in developing preclinical pipelines for treating skin cancer
Irene Leigh

0245 Engineering complexity into 3-dimensional in vitro models of cancer: Cancer tissue mimetics and their applications
Marilena Loizidou

0246 Investigating the interactions between breast cancer cells and bone microenvironment by a polyurethane foam 3D in vitro model
Nicola Contessi, Valentina Angeloni, Cinzia De Marco, Serena Bertoldi, Maria Cristina Tanzi, Maria Grazia Daidone, Silvia Farè

0247 Investigating the role of monocytes in adoptive T cell-mediated cancer immunotherapy
Giulia Adriani, Sharon Wei Ling Lee, Andrea Pavesi, Anthony Tanoto Tan, Erica Ceccarello, Antonio Bertoletti, Roger Dale Kamm, Siew Cheng Wong

0248 Engineered microfluidic 3D human microvascular models identify novel therapeutic targets affecting cancer cell extravasation
Mara Gilardi, Simone Bersini, Marco Vanoni, Roger Kamm, Matteo Moretti

0249 In situ cellular characterization of pancreatic cancer cells in a highly porous 3D scaffolding system
Stella Totti, Mark Allenby, Susana Brito Dos Santos, Athanasios Mantalaris, Eirini Velliou

Cardiac tissue engineering

0250 Engineering human heart muscle for in vitro testing and cardiac repair
Thomas Eschenhagen

0251 3D tissue printing for myocardial repair
Joost Sluijter, Jesper Hjortnaes

0252 High throughput generation of quiescent valvular interstitial cell micro-aggregates for biofabrication of heart valve tissue
Annelies Roosens, Inès Puype, Charlot Philips, Ria Cornelissen

0253 Myocardium-on-chip derived from human iPSCs with capillary-like flow for personalized therapy
Bradley Ellis, Aylin Acun, U Isik Can, Pinar Zorlutuna

0254 Combined oxygen level and mechanical stimulation in a microfluidic system for modelling pathological myocardial tissue condition
Giovanni Stefano Ugolini, Andrea Pavesi, Marco Rasponi, Gianfranco Beniamino Fiore, Roger Kamm, Monica Soncini

0255 Elastin-like recombinamers-based hydrogel modulates infarcted myocardium glycoprofile towards a regenerative state
Paolo Contessotto, Pierce Lalor, Doriana Orbanic, Tatjana Flora, Audrys G Pauža, Mark Da Costa, José C Rodríguez-Cabello, Lokesh Joshi, Peter Dockery, Michelle Kilcoyne, Abhay Pandit

Veterinary regenerative medicine animal models and clinical patients

0256 Exploring the potential of endometrial MSCs for veterinary regenerative medicine
Elisabeth Rink, Karin Amilon, Yennifer Cortes-Araya, Cristina Esteves, Elaine Watson, Christine Aurich, F Xavier Donadeu

0257 2D and 3D osteoblast differentiation of equine induced pluripotent stem cells
Arabella Baird, Tim Lindsay, Alice Everett, Fran Henson, Aram Saeed, Debbie Guest

0258 Long-term adult feline liver organoid cultures for modeling of hepatic steatosis
Hedwig Kruitwagen, Loes Oosterhoff, Monique van Wolferen, Bernd Helms, Luc van der Laan, Niels Geijsen, Meritxell Huch, Hans Clevers, Jan Rothuizen, Louis Penning, Bart Spee

0259 Fetal regeneration - a key to improve adult tendon repair?
Iris Ribitsch, Andrea Bileck, Monika Egerbacher, Simone Gabner, Christopher Gerner, Sinan Gueltekin, Eva Haltmayer, David Kreil, Julie Rosser, Florien Jenner

0260 In vivo MRI cell tracking of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in an ovine osteochondral defect model
Hareklea Markides, Karin Newall, Heike Rudorf, Thomas Bateman-Price, Lia Blokpoel Ferreras, James Dixon, Frances Henson, Alicia El Haj

Biophysical, biological cues for tissue regeneration

0261 Functional, bioinspired supramolecular polymeric materials - en route to synthetically meet nature's complexity
Patricia Dankers

0262 Engineering physiologically relevant in vitro microenvironments for cell-based therapies
Dimitrios Zeugolis, Diana Gaspar, Christina Ryan, Valeria Graceffa, Dimitrios Tsiapalis, Salome Guillaumin

0263 Hydrogel bioink with unique reactivity for tissue engineering applications
Annemie Houben, Patrice Roose, Ulises Aregueta Robles, Hugues Van den Bergen, Dirk Bontinck, Heidi Declercq, Penny Martens, Peter Dubruel, Sandra Van Vlierberghe

0264 Computer designed topographical surfaces for instructing cell fate
Aliaksei S Vasilevich, Steven Vermeulen, Marloes Kamphuis, Nick Beijer, Aurélie Carlier, Shantanu Singh, Jan de Boer

0265 Biocompetent dendrons as extracellular matrix analogues
Valeria Perugini, Anna Guildford, Matteo Santin

RNA Therapeutics and Gene Delivery for TERM

0266 RNA therapeutics and anabolic gene delivery for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Yu-Chen Hu

0267 Gene transfer for musculoskeletal regeneration
Martin Stoddart

0268 Gene-activated materials for bone regeneration: from standardized bone substitute to personalized 3D-printed blocks
Ilia Bozo, Vladimir Komlev, Ilias Dalgatov, Sergey Rozhkov, Grigoriy Volozhin, Anton Mironov, Alexey Drobyshev, Artur Isaev, Vladimir Popov, Alexandr Fedotov, Igor Smirnov, Roman Deev

0269 MicroRNA therapeutics for improved bone repair: Effective collagen-nanohydroxyapatite scaffold mediated delivery to mesenchymal stem cells and rat calvarial defects
Irene Mencia Castano, Caroline Curtin, Rosanne Raftery, Gang Chen, Brenton Cavanagh, Garry Duffy, Fergal O'Brien

0270 Gene delivery to stem cells enhances their therapeutic potential to obtain a better cell therapy for tissue repair
Pavel Makarevich, Shvechenko Evgeny, Boldyreva Maria, Dergilev Konstantin, Hu Yu-Chen, Tkachuk Vsevolod, Parfyonova Yelena

0271 Long non-coding RNAs: novel therapeutic tools in osteogenic differentiation
Maria Ines Almeida, Linda Fabris, Andreia Machado Silva, Cristina Ivan, George Adrian Calin, Susana Gomes Santos, Mario Adolfo Barbosa

Functional assessment of tissue engineering blood and lymphatic vessels

0272 Functional assessment of tissue-engineered vessels for the blood and lymphatic systems
Richard Black

0273 Evaluating the effect of strain and fluid flow shear stress on vascular endothelial cells
Jeroen Rouwkema

0274 Assessment of the aggregation capacity of tissue engineering human blood vessel under shear stress
Andrea Hernandez, Faiza Musa, Alan Harper, Ying Yang

0275 Lymphangiogenesis in the arteriovenous loop model using mesenchymal stem cells and lymphatic endothelial cells
Anja Boos, Jan Robering, Annika Weigand, Majida Al-Abboodi, Justus Beier, Raymund Horch

0276 3D bioprinted scaffold-free blood vessels for clinical and research applications
Ana Verissimo, Anna Nakamura, Kumika Matsubayashi, Yosuke Mukae, Manabu Itoh, Koichi Nakayama

0277 Prevascularization of tissue constructs in collagen hydrogel improves their early perfusion
Yoann Atlas, Anita Novais, Gael Y Rochefort, Caroline Gorin, Julie Lesieur, Sybille Opsahl-Vital, Matthieu Lesage, Catherine Monnot, Stéphane Germain, Catherine Chaussain, Laurent Muller

Stem cell culture and differentiation on biomaterials

0278 Preparation of tissue development-mimicking ECM scaffolds for stem cell culture
Guoping Chen, Naoki Kawazoe

0279 Facilitating pluripotent stem cell growth and differentiation by using 2D substrates and 3D printable materials
Swadipta Roy, Ivan Hernandez, Shin-Hye Park, Yoshihiro Ito, Binata Joddar

0280 Continuous harvest and culture of stem cells via partial detachment on thermoresponsive nanobrush surfaces
Akon Higuchi, Hsing-Fen Li, Abdullah Alarfaj, Murugan Munusamy

0281 Liver tissue engineering: differentiation of iPSCs on acellular scaffolds under dynamic culture
Maelle Lorvellec, Alessandro Filippo Pellegata, Rebeca Fiadero, Federico Scottoni, Francesca Mazzacuva, Asllan Gjinovci, Koichi Deguchi, Alfonso Maria Tedeschi, Claire Crowley, Dipok Kumar Dhar, Peter Clayton, Kevin Mills, Paolo De Coppi, Paul Gissen

0282 Directed-nanopatterning promotes earlier liver-specific maturation and outperforms metabolic function of differentiated human hepatic HepaRG progenitor cells on standard tissue culture plastic
Katie Morgan, Anna Bryans, Filip Brzeszczynski, Paul Reynolds, Michael Mabbott, Nicole Martucci, Graham Anderson, Steve Morley, John Plevris, Peter Hayes, Nikolaj Gadegaard, Leonard J Nelson

0283 Effect of shear stress on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in tissue-engineered vascular grafts
Diana Marcela Rojas Gonzalez, Frederic Wolf, Hans Keijdener, Thomas Schmitz-Rode, Stefan Jockenhövel, Petra Mela

Regenerative medicine for incontinence

0284 IMPRESS Network Symposium: Autologous skeletal muscle cell therapy for anal incontinence
Andrea Frudinger

0285 IMPRESS Network Symposium: Delivery of myoblasts in an anchored state for sphincter muscle regeneration
Pauline Guhmann, Eseelle Hendow, Sara Maffiolett, Ornella Cappellari, Kim Wells, Stephen Patrick, Dominic Wells, Francesco Saverio Tedesco, Richard Day

0286 IMPRESS Network Symposium: Development of smart injectable bulking agent formulations for the treatment of urinary incontinence
Elif Vardar, Hans Mattias Larsson, Eva-Maria Engelhardt, Ganesh Vythilingam, Jeffrey Alan Hubbell, Matthias Lutolf, Peter Frey

0287 IMPRESS Network Symposium: Current bottlenecks in stem cell treatment of urinary incontinence
Daniel Eberli

Regenerative Rehabilitation: Modulation of the Physical and Mechanical Microenviroment to Promote Tissue Regeneration

0288 Mechanotherapies for optimizing skeletal muscle regeneration
Fabrisia Ambrosio

0289 Tenogenic phenotype maintenance using macromolecular crowding and low oxygen tension
Dimitrios V Tsiapalis, Dimitrios I Zeugolis

0290 Nanotopographical features influence derivation and selection of reference genes for progenitor cell differentiation protocols
Katie Morgan, Filip Brzeszczynski, Joanna Brzeszczynski, Michael Mabbott, Paul Reynolds, Graham Anderson, Steve Morley, John Plevris, Peter Hayes, Nikolaj Gadegaard, Leonard J Nelson

0291 Biological and biophysical stimulation on implant osteolysis and aseptic loosening: effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields and platelet derivatives
Francesca Veronesi, Matilde Tschon, Maria Sartori, Lucia Martini, Gianluca Giavaresi, Elena Della Bella, Annapaola Parrilli, Milena Fin

Promoting spinal cord regeneration - More than just promises?

0292 Human central nervous system stem cell intramedullary transplantation in thoracic spinal cord injury: findings of a phase I/II study
Armin Curt

0293 Combining adipose tissue-derived stem cells and olfactory ensheathing cells for spinal cord injury recovery
Eduardo Gomes, Sofia Mendes, Rita Assunção-Silva, Fábio Teixeira, Hugo Leite-Almeida, Jeffrey Gimble, Nuno Sousa, Nuno Silva, António Salgado

0294 Delivery of dental mesenchymal stem cells from apical papilla via an extracellular matrix hydrogel for spinal cord repair
Natalija Tatic, Lisa White, Kevin Shakesheff, Anne des Rieux

0295 In situ delivery of locked nucleic acid-based antisense oligonucleotides aiming at spinal cord injury therapy
Pedro M.D. Moreno, Ana Rita Ferreira, Daniela Salvador, Isabel F. Amaral, Jesper Wengel, Ana Paula Pêgo

Regenerative Immunology

0296 Does an experienced adaptive immunity hinder the healing process in bone?
Georg N Duda, Christian H. Bucher, Sebastian Wendler, Claudia Schlundt, Hans-Dieter Volk, Katharina Schmidt-Bleek

0297 Inhibiting STAT signaling pathways in macrophages to improve tissue regeneration
Mathijs Suijkerbuijk, Serdar Çapar, Nicole Kops, Duncan Meuffels, Gerjo van Osch, Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens

0298 Viral interleukin 10-expressing mouse mesenchymal stem cells exert anti-inflammatory effects on activated immune cells in vitro
Swarna Raman, Patrizio Mancuso, Aideen Ryan, Mary Murphy

0299 Immunomodulatory response mechanisms to cardiovascular matrices are affected by the cryopreservation strategy applied
Maria Schneider, Ulrich A Stock, Kelvin G M Brockbank, Christof Stamm, Matthias Fendt, Martina Seifert

Hierarchical assemblies for tendon repair and regeneration

0300 Augmenting tendon repair using stem cells
Roger Smith

0301 Biphasic silk fibroin scaffolds for tendon/ligament-to-bone tissue engineering
Sònia Font Tellado, Walter Bonani, Elizabeth R Balmayor, Peter Foehr, Antonella Motta, Claudio Migliaresi, Martijn van Griensven

0302 Investigating hierarchical collagen fiber formation for functional meniscus and tendon tissue engineering
Jennifer Puetzer, Ignacio Sallent, Amy Gelmi, Molly Stevens

0303 3D hierarchical bionanocomposite nanofiber scaffolds for tendon and ligament tissue engineering
Mariana Laranjeira, Rui M A Domingues, Raquel Costa-Almeida, Rui L Reis, Manuela E Gomes

Gene2Skin Twinning H2020 Project- Roadmap for advanced genetic engineering-based skin therapies

0304 Regulation of epidermal homeostasis by intercellular communication
Fiona Watt, Ayelen Helling

0305 3D microenvironments to uncover therapeutic niches for skin diseases and disorders
Alexandra P Marques

0306 Biofunctionalized gellan gum hydrogels as tailored platforms for skin regenerative purposes
Lucília P da Silva, Manuela E Lago, Carla Abreu, Rui L Reis, Alexandra P Marques

0307 Enhancing vascularisation using gene therapy: Development of gene-activated scaffolds for skin tissue regeneration
Rosanne Raftery, Luwang Ashang Laiva, Michael Keogh, Fergal O'Brien

0308 Enhanced imaging techniques and their role in regenerative medicine
Katja Schenke-Layland – Plenary Lecture

Microfactories for tissue engineering” or “Regeneration-on-a-chip”

0309 Droplet-based microfluidics: towards massively parallel chemistry and biology
Andrew deMello

0310 Skin-on-chip for next generation immune-competent in vitro skin models
Lambert Bergers, Taco Waaijman, Tanja De Gruijl, Sue Gibbs

0311 Microfluidic-based fabrication of microgels to engineer multiscale hierarchical tissues
Jeroen Leijten, Tom Kamperman, Piet Dijkstra, Marcel Karperien

0312 Microengineered 3D alveolar tissue analogues on chip
Danielle Baptista, Francisco Geraldes, Liliana Teixeira, Clemens van Blitterswijk, Stefan Giselbrecht, Roman Truckenmüller

0313 Electrosprayed capsules co-encapsulating cells and microparticles as minimally invasive active cell microfactories
Clara Correia, Vitor Gaspar, João Mano

0314 Macrovascular channels in a tissue engineered construct with an integrated perfusion system
Saif Ahmed, Ananthram Shetty, Reza Mousoli, Karan Alva

Bioactive-materials for promoting nerve regeneration

0315 Chitosan-based scaffolds for repairing peripheral nerve lesions with substance loss
Stefano Geuna

0316 Interpenetrating polymer network of collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acids - a novel scaffold for tissue engineering for the brain
Fangxin Li, Francis Szele, Jan Czernuszka

0317 Bioengineered scaffolds and cell transplantation for brain repair in an animal model of focal ischemia
Ting-Yi Wang, Fahad Somaa, Jonathan Niclis, Kiara Bruggeman, JA Kauhausen, H Guo, Stuart McDougall, RJ Williams, David Nisbet, Lachlan Thompson, CL Paris

0318 Development of novel electroactive biomaterials based on poly(aniline) nanotubes and poly(ε-caprolactone)
Ozge Lalegul, A Eser Elcin, Y Murat Elcin

0319 MARCKS peptide functionalized intraluminal collagen fibre-based conduit regulates functional recovery in a critical gap model of peripheral nerve injury
Secil Demir, William Daly, Sahana Ganesh, Abbah Akogwu Sunny, Kyriakos Spanoudes, Isma Liza Mohd Isa, Dimitrios Zeugolis, Leo Quinlan, Abhay Pandit

0320 Cells, growth factors and engineered nerve conduits for modulating the adult axonal growth capacity
Lucas Degrugillier, Daniel Kablbermatten, Bruno Gander, Srinivas Madduri

Silk Biomaterials

0321 Journey of traditional suture to the realm of biomaterials
Sunaina Sapru, Deboki Naskar, Ananta Ghosh, Mahitosh Mandal, Rui Reis, Subhas Kundu

0322 Differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation towards intervertebral disc-like cells on engineered Bombyx mori silk scaffolds for disc repair
Daniela A Frauchiger, Silvan Heeb, Michael Wöltje, Lorin M Benneker, Benjamin Gantenbein

0323 Immunomodulatory bio artificial pancreas for sustained insulin production in diabetic patients
Manishekhar Kumar, Samit K Nandi, David L Kaplan, Biman B Mandal

0324 Combinatory approach for developing silk fibroin-based scaffolds seeded with human adipose-derived stem cells for a cartilage tissue engineering applications
Viviana Ribeiro, Alain da Silva Morais, Fatima Maia, Ana Oliveira, Joaquim Oliveira, Rui Reis

0325 Bioactivation of spider silk with basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and its use for cell culture and tissue engineering applications
Naresh Thatikonda, Selina Parvin, Adam Lundin, Mona Widhe, My Hedhammar

0326 A highly integrated layered scaffold of silk knitted fabric - plastic compressed collagen for bladder tissue engineering
Fatemeh Ajalloueian, Sanaz Khademolqorani, Clara I Chamorro, Hossein Tavanai, Ioannis Chronakis, Magdalena Fossum

Regenerative medicine in the aging musculoskeletal system

0327 Aging mechanisms relevant for cartilage degeneration and regeneration
Wiltrud Richter

0328 Stem cell therapy in orthogeriatrics: the effect of aging on stem cell functions
Denitsa Docheva

0329 The balance of transient receptor potential channel TRPC6 to TRPC1 determines ageing and mechanotransduction in intervertebral disc cells
Alfredo Franco-Obregón, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Helen Greutert, Timon Wernas, Marcel Egli, Elena Cambria, Miho Sekiguchi, Norbert Boos, Oliver Hausmann, Stephen Ferguson, Karin Wuertz-Kozak

0330 GDF6-induced differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells to nucleus pulposus cells is enhanced by culture in a hypoxic and loaded microenvironment
Tom Hodgkinson, Russell Craddock, James McConnell, Michael Sherratt, Judith Hoyland, Stephen Richardson

0331 Validation of an osteochondral bioreactor applied to study the protective role of sex hormones
Riccardo Gottardi, Hang Lin, Laura Iannetti, Giovanna D'Urso, Paolo Zunino, Thomas Lozito, Peter Alexander, Paul Manner, Rocky Tuan

Gene therapy- new messages towards regeneration

0332 Poly(amido amine) based nanogels for highly efficient intracellular gene delivery
Johan Engbersen

0333 Non-viral gene therapy for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration using advanced gene-activated matrices
Georg Feichtinger, Nikolitsa Nomikou, Sushmita Saha, Sylvia Nuernberger, Patrick Heimel, Xuebin Yang, Rongjun Chen, Heinz Redl, Anthony McHale

0334 Design of siRNA for efficient delivery
Jöns Hilborn, Oommen Varghese, Podiyan Oommen, Ganesh Navale, Sandeep Kadekar

0335 Inhibition of miR100 overexpression in osteoporotic osteoblasts results in upregulation of RunX2, ALP and Collagen I via BMPR2
Sarah Kelch, Elizabeth R Balmayor, Claudine Seeliger, Martijn van Griensven

0336 BDNF gene delivery vectorized by neuron-targeted nanoparticle is neuroprotective in peripheral nerve injury
Cátia C D F Lopes, Carla P Gomes, Ana Paula Pêgo

0337 Spatial deposition of gene activated bioinks for osteochondral tissue engineering
Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez, Fiona Freeman, Andrew Daly, Oju Jeon, Eben Alsberg, Nicholas Dunne, Helen McCarthy, Fergal O'Brien, Daniel Kelly

SYIS ITN Symposium

0338 GMP for Beginners - Wasted time or new impulses for my scientific career?
Oliver Pullig

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