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2017 Annual Meeting
Empa, St.Gallen, 17-18th May 2017


23rd Swiss Conference on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (SSB+RM2017): Advances in Antimicrobial Biomaterials.

The 2017 conference was dedicated to Advances in Antimicrobial Biomaterials. It included presentations by keynote speakers who gave an overview of clinical and industrial translation of biomaterials on the 2017 conference theme as well as topics of general interest to the SSB+RM community. Selected sessions were devoted to the design, preparation, characterization, quality control and application of all types of antimicrobial materials from the viewpoints of academia, industry and the clinics.

Organising Committee

Dr Qun Ren, Empa, St. Gallen
Dr Katharina Maniura, Empa, St.Gallen
Dr Matthias Buhmann, Empa, St.Gallen
Hervé Straub, Empa, St.Gallen
Prof Dr Marcy Zenobi-Wong, ETH Zurich


Presentation and poster abstracts