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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2022, Collection 1

2022 eCM20: Cartilage and Disc Repair and Regeneration

Meeting Abstracts

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Oral presentations

Page 1: S Ferguson
ANNUMECH: Experiences and insights from the AO collaborative research program for annulus fibrosus repair
Berton Rahn Research Award winner 2022

Page 2: J Malda
Converged biofabrication technologies for osteochondral implants
Berton Rahn Research Award winner 2021

Page 3: L Qin
3D printing and tissue engineering for skeletal regeneration–achievements from RAPIDOS consortia project
Berton Rahn Research Award winner 2020

Page 4: I Martin
Engineered nasal cartilage for osteoarthritis?

Page 5: K Bismuth
Beneficial structural impact of liraglutide, a GLP1 receptor agonist, in inflammatory and post-traumatic OA animal models

Page 6: R Hilliard, H Newman, A Barba, L Brewer, E Brewer, Z Brown, P Wilson, A Lowman, DM Elliott, T Schaer
Nucleus pulposus replacement mitigates IVDD in a caprine model – a 3 year follow-up

Page 7: L Haglund
Cell senescence and senolytic drugs to treat back-pain in mice and men

Page 8: F Blanco
Mitochondrial DNA variants influence the risk of Knee Osteoarthritis

Page 9: P Humbert, M Garcia, L Jabbour, S Grastilleur, E Carrot, S Sourice, B Halgand, D Rouleau, F Etienne, A Lafragette, N Luciani, J Clouet, AKA Silva, F Gazeau, M Fusellier, J Guicheux, C Le Visage
Use of intervertebral disc cells from sheep to evaluate biotherapies in vitro

Page 10: GQ Teixeira, J Kräutler, J Riegger, A Ignatius, C Neidlinger-Wilke
Effect of entire MSC secretome versus extracellular vesicles in pro-inflammatory annulus fibrosus cell cultures

Page 11: R Ossendorff, V Börger, DC Wirtz, S Grad, B Giebel, FA Schildberg
Extracellular vesicles (MSC-EV) - influence on cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritic surroundings

Page 12: J Riegger, L Ruths, G Teixeira, M Huber-Lang, A Ignatius, RE Brenner
Terminal complement complex is a potential inducer of premature senescence in trauma- and age-associated osteoarthritis

Page 13: F Beier
What do mouse studies teach us about osteoarthritis?

Page 14: A Mobasheri
Immunometabolism in disc and cartilage in health and disease

Page 15: H Cherif, L Li, J Snuggs, C Sammon, L Beckman, L Haglund, C Le Maitre
Human organ culture model demonstrates potential regeneration of naturally degenerate discs with an injectable hydrogel system

Page 16: A Alminnawi, KB Crump, P Bermudez-Lekerika, AS Croft, C Geeroms, C Le Maître, B Gantenbein, L Geris
Image-based analysis of mass transport through cartilage endplates

Page 17: R Castro-Viñuelas, N Viudes-Sarrión, S Monteagudo, R Lories, I Jonkers
Excessive wnt signalling alters cartilage’s mechano-response in a human explant in vitro model

Page 18: H Meng, S Fu, MB Ferreira, N Gavara, MM Knight
Activation of YAP suppresses cartilage inflammatory signaling and matrix degradation

Page 19: A Camus
Generation of intervertebral disc progenitor cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Page 20: S Diederichs
Induced pluripotent stem cells for cartilage regeneration

Page 21: LT Laagland, FC Bach, LB Creemers, C Le Maitre, DW Poramba-Liyanage, MA Tryfonidou
Hyperosmolar expansion medium improves canine nucleus pulposus cell phenotype

Page 22: S Basatvat, TS Braun, E Kanelis, LG Alexopoulos, J Snuggs, R Williams, M Templin, M Tryfonidou, C Le Maitre
Could notochordal cells be the future of cell-based treatment for disc degeneration?

Page 23: G Pattappa, J Jahns, R Schewior, J Zellner, D Docheva, P Angele
Identifying a unique gene profile for the meniscus cells in tissue and in vitro monolayer and pellet cultures

Page 24: N Herger, L Arpesella, M Farshad, F Brunner, O Distler, S Dudli
Pro-inflammatory priming of mesenchymal stem cells increases their immunosuppressive properties only short-term

Page 25: F Galbusera
Computational modeling and artificial intelligence in spine research

Page 26: I Jonkers
An integrated, multi-scale approach to understand the role of mechanical loading in cartilage homeostasis and disease: Bridging from joint to chondrocyte

Page 27: S Midha, T Johnson, CR Coveney, E Stride, JPK Armstrong, AKT Wann
The mechano-regulation of phenotypic plasticity studied in a developmental engineering model of endochondral ossification

Page 28: JU Jansen, GQ Teixeira, A Vernengo, S Grad, K Benz, C Neidlinger-Wilke, HJ Wilke
How to create artificial disc degeneration by enzyme digestion for biomechanical testing of biomaterials

Page 29: E Salzer, VHM Mouser, J Bulsink, MA Tryfonidou, K Ito
Dynamic loading leads to increased metabolic activity and spatial redistribution of viable cell density in nucleus pulposus explants

Page 30: A Ristaniemi, A Šećerović, S Grad, SJ Ferguson
A novel viscoelastic bovine intervertebral disc finite element model

Page 31: S Nürnberger
Extracellular matrix as biomaterial for cartilage regeneration – more than a scaffold

Page 32: L Qin
Developing novel treatments for joint diseases

Page 33: P Nakielski, C Rinoldi, M Pruchniewski, D Rybak, O Urbanek, K Jezierska-Woźniak, M Grodzik, W Maksymowicz, F Pierini
Injectable microscaffolds for IVD regeneration

Page 34: B Günay, G Targa Fabra, L Laagland, T Schmitz, K Ito, MA Tryfonidou, R Saldova, A Pandit
Glycomic enhancement of hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel with notochordal cell-derived matrix for disc regeneration
RMS Best Student Oral Presentation

Page 35: J Warren, R Cowie, L Jennings, R Wilcox, H Fermor
Self-assembling peptide gels for articular patella cartilage repair

Page 36: E Carrot, P de Villemagne, S Grastilleur, B Rosa, B Halgand, V Delplace, J Clouet, P Weiss, Vidal, JY Hascoët, M Fusellier, J Guicheux, C Le Visage
Bioprinting and characterization of a sheep intervertebral disc model

Page 37: C Le Maitre
Regeneration of the intervertebral disc for back pain targeting the degenerate niche

Page 38: U Zehra
Vertebral endplate changes and back pain: are there any clinically relevant phenotypes?

Page 39: JT Marshall, AD Lutton, JW Olesik, BA Walter
Diurnal variations in extracellular and pericellular sodium content of nucleus pulposus tissue

Page 40: S Egger, G Alig, M D'Este, JK Wychowaniec, JR Weiser, S Grad, AJ Vernengo
Microextrusion-based anisotropic cell patterning within temperature-sensitive hydrogel matrices for annulus fibrosus regeneration

Page 41: C Cunha
Immune cells in IVD therapies: cause, consequence or tool?

Page 42: S Dudli
Disc-bone marrow cross-talk with modic changes

Page 43: MP Grant, M Alad, LM Epure, OL Huk, DJ Zukor, J Antoniou, F Mwale
Link N as a modulator of IL-1β-Induced DRG neuronal hypersensitivity in osteoarthritis

Page 44: G Vadalà, G Di Giacomo, L Ambrosio, C Cicione, V Tilotta, F Russo, R Papalia, V Denaro
Irisin stimulates anabolism and matrix synthesis in human nucleopulpocytes in vitro: new insights into a cross-talk between the muscle and the intervertebral disc

Page 45: D Terrazas, T Hopkins, C Thompson, K Wright, H Screen, M Knight
Fibroblast-like synoviocytes modulate the inflammatory response of chondrocytes in a mechanosensitive manner
Page 46: K Howard
Biological barriers and delivery solutions for nucleic acid therapeutics

Page 47: SN Tang, AI Salazar-Puerta, M Heimann, G Gunsch, C Gantt, T Ko, L Bodine, K Kuchynsky, DM Laudier, S Khan, J Hoyland, B Walter, O Kokiko-Cochran, N Higuita-Castro, D Purmessur
FOXF1 delivery via engineered extracellular vesicles in an in vivo mouse model of discogenic back pain
AO Spine Best Student Oral Presentation

Page 48: KH Li, Y Zhu, PH Zhang, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li
Anti-inflammatory and pro-anabolic effects of 5-aminosalicylic acid on inflammatory human osteoarthritic chondrocytes in vitro

Page 49: S Zarzo-Arias, V Leiro, AP Pêgo
Exploring fully biodegradable dendrimers as nanocarriers for siRNA delivery to chondrocytes

Page 50: KA Münzebrock, A Pontes, FYW Ho, JP Garcia, J Rip, LB Creemers
Polymeric nanoparticles enable mRNA delivery into cells of human cartilaginous tissues


Poster presentations

Page P1: M Anderson-Watters, IM Khan
BMP9 induces cell and collagen reorganisation in immature articular cartilage to generate adult-like tissue

Page P2: P Antonacci, L Belcastro, G Rocchitta, F Arduini, PA Serra, M Alini, S Grad, V Basoli
Development of electrochemical nitric oxide microsensors for the real time monitoring of inflammation in chondrocytes

Page P3: M Asadikorayem, F Surman, P Weber, M Zenobi-Wong
In-situ-forming zwitterionic hydrogel for cartilage protection in early-stage osteoarthritis
RMS Best Student Poster Presentation

Page P4: V Basoli, A Traweger, C Plank, J Rip, M Alini, S Grad
Effect of therapeutic IL1Ra and IL10 mRNA vehiculated by polymeric nanoparticles in osteochondral ex-vivo model: a new approach for osteoarthritis treatment

Page P5: J Bell, D Owen, K Meek, N Terrill, J Sanchez-Weatherby, CL Le Maitre
X-ray scattering imaging of intervertebral discs under load

Page P6: F Berenbaum, C Meurot, J Breton, L Sudre, K Bismuth, R Rattenbach, C Martin, C Jacques
Anti-degradative and pro-chondrogenic properties of liraglutide, a glucagonlike-peptide 1 receptor agonist: evidence from preclinical studies and implication for osteoarthritis

Page P7: P Bermudez-Lekerika, AS Croft, KB Crump, K Wuertz-Kozak, CL Le Maitre, B Gantenbein
Catabolic phenotype induction of NP and AF Cells in 3D Culture

Page P8: H Bumann, N Kluser, A Soubrier, A Secerovic, D Zuncheddu, R Williams, J Snuggs, R Janani, C Sammon, JU Jansen, C Neidlinger-Wilke, HJ Wilke, C Le Maitre, A Vernengo, S Grad
Notochordal cells encapsulated within hydrogel in an enzymatic bovine IVD degeneration model

Page P9: AS Croft, S Ćorluka, M Wöltje, J Silva-Correia, JM Oliveira, KB Crump, RL Reis, B Gantenbein
Using methacrylated gellan gum in combination with novel silk to repair the annulus fibrosus in a dynamically loaded bovine organ culture model

Page P10: KB Crump, A Alminnawi, P Bermudez-Lekerika, AS Croft, L Geris, J Noailly, B Gantenbein
Effects of dynamic compression on cartilage endplate cells in agarose

Page P11: M Culbert, J Warren, H Fermor, P Beales, R Wilcox
Self-assembling peptide hydrogels for nucleus augmentation of the intervertebral disc

Page P12: Y Dilek, J Du, JP Garcia, LB Creemers
Bioreactor culture model of human nucleus pulposus

Page P13: E Eliasson, L Hoareau, S Simonsson, LA Vonk, B Tencer, C Troedsson, EM Thompson, P Gatenholm
A better way to repair large osteoarthritic cartilage lesions. 3D bioprinting with spheroids of human chondrocytes in biocompatible hydrogels

Page P14: J Gewiess, J Eglauf, A Soubrier, S Grad, M Alini, M Peroglio, J Ma
Influence of mechanical loading regimes on spontaneous response of dorsal root ganglion neurons

Page P15: J Gewieß, CM Sprecher, S Milz, J Gleich, T Helfen
Cortical microarchitecture impacts distal clavicle fracture morphology

Page P16: MP Grant, R Bokhari, Y Alsaran, LM Epure, J Antoniou, F Mwale
Free calcium and the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor regulate intervertebral disc degeneration and calcification

Page P17: S Grastilleur, P Humbert, G Miklosic, S de Oliveira, B Halgand, F Loll, V Delplace, M D’Este, C Helary, J Clouet, M Fusellier, J Guicheux, C Le Visage
In vitro evaluation of ovine IVD cells interactions with a collagen/hyaluronic acid biomaterial link: on the way to a bio-printed IVD model

Page P18: I Heggli, M Habib, J Scheer, CP Ames, M Farshad, O Distler, AJ Fields, S Dudli
Activated neutrophils degrade cartilage endplates

Page P19: J Idaszek, Ż Górecka, E Walejewsk, W Święszkowki
Fibre-reinforced bone dECM hydrogel scaffolds for differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells towards hypertrophic chondrocytes

Page P20: LT Laagland, FC Bach, FM Riemers, A Medzikovic, G Erdmann, LB Creemers, C Sachse, TS Braun, MF Templin, K Ito, MA Tryfonidou
Target proteomic analysis to explore the anti-inflammatory effects of notochordal-cell derived matrix

Page P21: T Mengis, I Heggli, N Herger, F Brunner, M Farshad, O Distler, S Dudli
Modic change 1 bone marrow stromal cells increase neurite outgrowth
AO Spine Best Student Poster Presentation

Page P22: G Miklosic, S De Oliveira, S Grastilleur, C Hélary, SJ Ferguson, M D'Este
Hyaluronan-collagen composite bioink for the printing of nucleus pulposus-like structures

Page P23: A Nüesch, E Kanelis, LG Alexopoulos, F Williams, L Geris, B Gantenbein, M Lacey, C Le Maitre
Intervertebral disc cells in vivo internalize bacteria: What is their potential influence?

Page P24: AP Pontes, S van der Wal, J Rip, L Creemers
Intracellular trafficking of bioreducible poly(amidoamine) nanoparticles for mRNA delivery

Page P25: T Schmitz, M van Doeselaar, MA Tryfonidou, K Ito
Detergent-free decellularization yields a regenerative biomaterial for intervertebral disc regeneration

Page P26: F Schulze, J Määttä, I Heggli, F Brunner, O Distler, J Karppinen, J Lotz, S Dudli
Serum mass spectrum analysis of subjects with and without modic changes

Page P27: A Šećerović, A Ristaniemi, Z Li, F Crivelli, S Heub, D Ledroit, M Alini, G Weder, S Ferguson, S Grad
A new generation of multiaxial spine bioreactor for advanced studies of intervertebral disc degeneration and repair

Page P28: A Sieberath, D Eglin, E Della Bella, C Sprecher, AM Ferreira, P Gentile, K Dalgarno
Development of a bone remodelling in vitro model

Page P29: JW Snuggs, AA Thorpe, C Sammon, CL Le Maitre
Bone marrow progenitor cell delivery within a thermally triggered hydrogel regenerates degenerate nucleus pulposus tissue

Page P30: A Soubrier, H Kasper, M Alini, I Jonkers, S Grad
Influence of traction on intervertebral disc mechanobiology: preliminary results in a bovine organ culture

Page P31: SN Tang, AI Salazar-Puerta, L Bodine, C Gantt, S Khan, J Hoyland
Synergistic extracellular vesicle delivery of transcription factors FOXF1 & brachyury to human nucleus pulposus cells

Page P32: G Targa Fabra, L Laagland, T Schmizt, K Ito, MA Tryfonidou, A Pandit
Notochordal cell matrix-based hydrogel enhances notochordal cell phenotype

Page P33: CL Thompson, T Hopkins, C Bevan, HRC Screen, K Wright, MM Knight
Development of a vascularised human synovium-on-a-chip with biomechanical loading

Page P34: V Tilotta, G Di Giacomo, C Cicione, L Ambrosio, F Russo, R Papalia, G Vadalà, V Denaro
A cell-free therapeutic strategy: the role of Wharton's Jelly MSCs derived exosomes in intervertebral disc regeneration

Page P35: X Tong, DW Poramba-Liyanage, P Shang, N Geijsen, A Camus, MA Tryfonidou
Directed differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells to notochordal-like cells by combinatorial transcription factors activation
AO Spine Best Student Poster Presentation

Page P36: JC van Maanen, FC Bach, M Templin, MHM Wauben, MA Tryfonidou
Characterization of extracellular vesicles from porcine, canine and human notochordal cell-conditioned medium

Page P37: A Vernengo, H Bumann, N Kluser, A Soubrier, J Gewiess, JU Jansen, C Neidlinger-Wilke, HJ Wilke, S Grad
Enzyme-induced bovine explant models of intervertebral disc degeneration

Page P38: N Viudes-Sarrion, R Castro-Viñuelas, S Monteagudo, R Lories, I Jonkers
Mechano-responsive molecular expression relates to disease state in osteoarthritic articular cartilage
RMS Best Student Poster Presentation

Page P39: J Warin, N Vedrenne, C Chedeville, C Chariau, N Antunes-Lardeux, J Guicheux, L David, A Camus
Transcriptomic profile of human notochordal cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells

Page P40: L Wen, A Armiento, L Creemers, MJ Stoddart
The role of noggin in TGF-β1 or TGF-β3 driven chondrogenesis of BM-MSCs

Page P41: R Williams, J Snuggs, TC Schmitz, R Janani, S Basatvat, C Sammon, K Benz, K Ito, M Tryfonidou, C Le Maitre
Injectable biomaterials to maintain notochordal cell phenotype as potential therapy for intervertebral disc degeneration

Page P42: D Zuncheddu, N Kluser, H Bumann, LB. Creemers, S Grad
Effects of different glucose supplementation on bovine intervertebral disc organ cultures under physiological loading


Oral presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file

Poster presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file