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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2012, Collection 4

Abstracts of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) meeting
4-6 July 2012, University of Liverpool


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Page 1: LA Bosworth, SR Rathbone, S Downes, SH Cartmell
Cyclical loading of electrospun scaffolds affects mesenchymal stem cell response

Page 2: S Khan, SM Richardson, JA Hoyland
Interactions between mesenchymal stem cells and nucleus pulposus cells: Implications for intervertebral disc regeneration

Page 3: P Sawadkar, S Alexander, M Tolk, L Bozec, V Mudera
Testing and FEA modelling of a modified suture technique to accommodate a tissue engineered tendon in vivo

Page 4: NM Hopper, J Wardale, N Rushton
Mononuclear cells enhance cell migration out of human articular cartilage

Page 5: JHA Bell, JW Haycock
Investigating the effect of plasma polymers on neuronal and glial cells

Page 6: MFB Daud, KC Pawar, F Claeyssens, AJ Ryan, JW Haycock
The development of a 3D neuronal glial co-culture model using aligned electrospun polycaprolactone (PCL) microfibres scaffolds for peripheral nerve studies

Page 7: ML Vermeille, DF Kalbermatten, W Raffoul, M Wiberg, PJ Kingham
Injection of adipose derived stem cells after peripheral nerve injury: mechanisms and effects on regeneration

Page 8: AP Hopper, F Claeyssens
Amine functionalised nanodiamond as a neuronal cell substrate

Page 9: ET Osei, L Evans, JB Phillips, AJ Loughlin
Developing a 3D co-culture model to simulate perinatal hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury in preterm infants

Page 10: MK Kolar, LN Novikova, M Wiberg, LN Novikov, PJ Kingham
Transplantation of human adipose derived stem cells reduces glial cell reactions after spinal cord injury in rats

Page 11: P Deshpande, C Ramachandran, F Sefat, C Johnson, I Mariappan, D Balasubramanian, AJ Ryan, G Vemuganti, VS Sangwan, S MacNeil
Development of synthetic scaffolds for delivering limbal epithelial cells to the cornea

Page 12: I Ortega, P Deshpande, AJ Ryan, S MacNeil, F Claeyssens
Development of tissue engineered stem cell niches for corneal repair

Page 13: SL Mason, SB Kaye, P Rooney, E Austin, CM Sheridan
Time in organ culture storage has a detrimental effect on the survival of limbal cells

Page 14: K Stamati, V Mudera, U Cheema
Stem cell generated angiogenic growth factor gradient: guiding endothelial cells

Page 15: EG Knight, SA Przyborski
Neural differentiation of pluripotent stem cells is regulated by scaffold format

Page 16: M Fok, N Bryan, J Hunt
Immunological considerations of autologous stem cell transplantation following immuno-affinity separation

Page 17: E Kingham, N Gadegaard, MJ Dalby, ROC Oreffo
Nanotopography-induced osteogenic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and adult skeletal stem cells

Page 18: PM Tsimbouri, N Gadegaard, E Kingham, ROC Oreffo, MJ Dalby
Mechanotransduction effects and stem cell differentiation in response to bioactive nanotopography

Page 19: HT van Veen, F Pu, NP Rhodes, JA Hunt
Mononuclear cells for haematopoietic progenitor cell expansion as an approach to increase output for erythroid maturation

Page 20: FC Lewis, N Bryan, D Bond, C Stanley, JA Hunt
Evaluation of a novel, rapid method to catch and release therapeutic numbers of viable adult stem cells from adipose

Page 21: SL Passey, AST Smith, NRW Martin, V Mudera, L Greensmith, K Baar, MP Lewis
Optimisation of a 3D engineered skeletal muscle-motoneuron co-culture using fibrin-cast gels

Page 22: D Schaakxs, DF Kalbermatten, W Raffoul, M Wiberg, PJ Kingham
Regenerative cell injection in denervated muscle reduces atrophy and enhances recovery following nerve repair

Page 23: FC Lewis, BJ Henning, G Marazzi, D Sassoon, GM Ellison, B Nadal-Ginard
Identification and characterisation of multipotent PW1+ interstitial cells from porcine skeletal muscle

Page 24: N Bryan, H Ashwin, Y Bayon, S Wohlert, N Smart, JA Hunt
In vitro measurement of material stimulated leukocyte reactive oxygen species (ROS) production as a predictor of the acute inflammatory reaction in vivo

Page 25: GE Morris, AJ Knox, JW Aylott, AM Ghaemmaghami, CE Brightling, FRAJ Rose
Moving towards a 3D environment for in vitro studies: an alternative to animal studies in asthma research

Page 26: L Partington, NJ Mordan, J Knowles, MW Lowdell, M Birchall, I Wall
Biochemical changes caused by decellularization may compromise mechanical integrity of tracheal scaffolds

Page 27: NS Tan, T Alekseeva, RA Brown
Semi-quantitative method for collagen density analysis: use in rapid tissue fabrication

Page 28: LJ White, MJ Sawkins, SF Badylak, KM Shakesheff
Decellularised bone gels – novel materials for bone regeneration

Page 29: RS Alazragi, RPW Davies, S Russell, A Aggeli
A novel dressing coated with self-assembled peptide for wound healing

Page 30: C Hamilton, CJ Henderson, RV Ulijn, MH Grant
Galactosylated poly (ethylene glycol) as a scaffold for primary hepatocytes

Page 31: H Yang, E Chruscikowski, J Segal, S Ratchev
Hydraulic and rheological evaluation of a pneumatic direct-write bioprinter

Page 32: I Paik, DJ Scurr, B Morris, G Hall, C Denning, MR Alexander, KM Shakesheff, JE Dixon
Rapid micropatterning of cell lines and human pluripotent stem cells on elastomeric membranes

Page 33: I Wimpenny, Y Yang, AJ El Haj
Fabrication and degradation of fluorescently tagged 3D scaffolds

Page 34: CM Nickson, S Dixon, RL Williams
Endothelial cell growth on novel biocompatible polymeric coatings, for potential use as cardiovascular stent coatings

Page 35: LE Sidney, A Abed, TRJ Heathman, CV Rahman, LDK Buttery
Investigation of anti-inflammatory drug delivery from polymeric scaffolds using an in vitro bone inflammation model

Page 36: MJ Sawkins, BN Brown, LJ Bonassar, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Bioplotting of novel scaffold materials and complex constructs for osteochondral tissue engineering

Page 37: R Balint, NJ Cassidy, SH Cartmell
Osteogenic differentiation of primary human Mesenchymal Stem Cells enhanced by capacitive electrical stimulation

Page 38: PJM Wilson, JP Dillon, BW Wlodarski, WD Fraser, SC Wagstaff, JA Gallagher
Expression of type VI collagen in bone and osteosarcoma cell lines indicates a role in the development of bone

Page 39: SA Fawcett, L Hammilton, JM Curran, NP Rhodes, MR Alexander, K Shakesheff, JA Hunt
Single and multiple surface chemical modifications applied to a 3D PLGA scaffold for mesenchymal stem cell differentiation in vitro

Page 40: LE McNamara, T Sjöström, K Seunarine, K Burgess, ROC Oreffo, RM Dominic Meek, B Su, MJ Dalby
Osteogenic nano- and multi-structured titania surfaces for orthopaedics

Page 41: RJ McMurray, J Connelly, MM Knight
Topographic regulation of primary cilia length and orientation in mesenchymal stem cells

Page 42: A Doyle, S Crosby, DR Burton, F Lilley, M Murphy
The effects of elongation factor 1 alpha (eEF1A) on the organisation of actin and the mechanical properties of yeast cells




Page 43: M Fok, N Bryan, J Hunt
A novel method for isolation and release of autologous adult stem cells from primary tissue

Page 44: TF Somerville, S Ahmad, SB Kaye, CM Sheridan, RMK Stewart
Viability of porcine and bovine corneal endothelium in culture

Page 45: CL Dong, WR Webb, Q Peng, JZ Tang, NR Forsyth, GQ Chen, AJ El Haj
Development of platelet derived growth factor-ββ release PHBHHx nanoparticles to control differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 46: D Gothard, J Kanczler, K Cheung, ROC Oreffo
Isolated human foetal femur cells maintain Stro-1 expression and differentiation potential over prolonged culture: a potential source of skeletal stem cells

Page 47: A Alraies, RJ Waddington, R Moseley, AJ Sloan
Variations in dental pulp progenitor cell ageing influence regenerative potential

Page 48: M Peca, D Gothard, H Morgan, ROC Oreffo
High-throughput skeletal stem cell separation using magnetic labelling and microfluidic sorting

Page 49: H Nikukar, S Reid, M Riehle, AS Curtis, MJ Dalby
Nanomechanotransduction of human mesenchymal stem cell

Page 50: EV Alakpa, V Jayawarna, K Burgess, R Ulijn, M Dalby
Characterisation of peptide biomaterials & innate metabolites that direct stem cell differentiation in vitro

Page 51: Z Nie, H-Y Lee, H-W Kim, M Hoare, IB Wall
Establishment of a bioprocess step to enhance cell-based bone regeneration

Page 52: A Dunham, XT Yan, MH Grant
An investigation of the stiffness moduli of artificial bone materials

Page 53: LA Castillo, A Saiani, JE Gough, AF Miller
Design of functional octa-peptide to direct bone formation

Page 54: N Johns, E East, JP Golding, AJ Loughlin, JB Phillips
Astrocytes expressing GFP in 3D collagen gels provide an effective model for screening the glial response to potential CNS cell therapies

Page 55: CM O’Rourke, AJ Loughlin, R Drake, JB Phillips
Defining glial cell self-alignment parameters for 3D CNS tissue models

Page 56: JW Thwaites, N Habib, P Dalby, I Wall
Impact of cell seeding density on early neuronal differentiation of human pluripotent cells

Page 57: M Georgiou, J Loughlin, JP Golding, PJ Kingham, JB Phillips
Engineered neural tissue with aligned Schwann cells supports neuronal regeneration in vivo and can be assembled using differentiated adipose-derived stem cells

Page 58: A Ardakani, RJ Shipley, K Stamati U Cheema, RA Brown
Quantifying spatial and temporal variation in cell function in collagen constructs for tissue engineering applications

Page 59: W Chrzanowski, S Yamaguchi, N Mordan, V Salih, T Kokubo
Gummetal – a new implantable metal with chemical and mechanical biocompatibility

Page 60: S Dunphy, H Dua, A El Haj, A Hopkinson, F Rose
Development of microfibrous and nanofibrous PLGA electrospun scaffolds: Strategies in corneal tissue engineering

Page 61: FR Pu, NP Rhodes, Y Bayon, R Chen, O Lefranc, P Gravagna, G Brans, R Benne, JA Hunt
Abdominal wall reconstruction using novel PLLA-collagen scaffolds

Page 62: MS Purcell, E Tayton, RO Oreffo, KM Shakesheff, SM Howdle
Supercritical fluid foaming: a novel route to polymeric allografts?

Page 63: W Chrzanowski, I Raizer, N Mordan, JC Knowles, V Salih
Characterisation of ceramic - filled fibrous polylactide membranes for
cell engineering applications

Page 64: H Ashwin, J Hunt, E Mausy, J Migliozzi, D Beers, S Wohlert
Influence of varying HMDI crosslinking parameters on porcine dermis

Page 65: H Ashwin, N Bryan, S Wohlert, J Hunt
In vivo and in vitro assessment of foreign body reaction to HMDI crosslinked porcine dermis

Page 66: M Navarro, L Nelson, O Tura, K Samuel, P Hayes, J Plevris
Defining in vitro co-culture systems for human liver tissue engineering

Page 67: CM Rogers, S Toumpaniari, R Bail, J Segal, KM Shakesheff, FRAJ Rose
Developing electrospun scaffolds with tailored geometries

Page 68: HT Gilbert, IA Barker, S Leigh, JA Covington, AP Dove, JA Hoyland, SM Richardson
Production of dipentaerythritol-poly(ethylene glycol) acrylate based constructs via microsteriolithography for cell-based tissue engineering

Page 69: S Wan, A Saiani, S Richardson, J Gough
Self-assembling peptide gels for intervertebral disc tissue engineering

Page 70: K Luetchford, J Chaudhuri, P De Bank
Processing silk-based naturally derived materials for three-dimensional cell culture and tissue engineering applications

Page 71: JB Rose, DJ Williams, A El Haj, H Dua, A Hopkinson, FRAJ Rose
Evaluation of electrospun gelatin/ polycaprolactone as a potential artificial corneal stroma

Page 72: S Roman, N Osman, A Mangera, AJ Bullock, CR Chapple, S MacNeil
Developing an autologous engineered connective tissue using a biodegradable scaffold for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse

Page 73: F Sefat, P Deshpande, C Ramachandran, I Mariappan, D Balasubramanian, G Vemuganti, AJ Ryan, VS Sangwan, S MacNeil
Development and characterisation of biodegradable PLGA scaffolds for delivering corneal limbal stem cells to damaged corneas

Page 74: A Raza, E Baggaley, JA Weinstein, S MacNeil, JW Haycock
Development of a simple 3D melanoma skin model incorporating Pt (II) labels
and two photon / time-resolved emission imaging microscopy for detection

Page 75: A Chhatwal, R Mold, S Przyborski
Continual propagation of cells in three-dimensional culture

Page 76: DJ Player, S Passey, V Mudera, MP Lewis
Development of tissue engineered skeletal muscle constructs for nutritional supplement testing

Page 77: AJ Taylor, MR Alexander, LDK Buttery
The production and characterisation of primary calvarial cell-secreted decellularised matrices

Page 78: AC Harvey, SP Armes, CWI Douglas, S MacNeil
Biologically active copolymer hydrogels

Page 79: TWA Gould, AS Mallick, JP Birchall, LR Lustig, KM Shakesheff, CV Rahman
Development of a porous polymer scaffold for mastoid bone regeneration

Page 80: J Wong, AJ MacRobert, U Cheema, RA Brown
Engineering anisotropy in mechanical properties by orientated collagen cross-linking

Page 81: L Szkolar, JE Gough, A Saiani
The development of functional peptide scaffolds for cell culture

Page 82: HC Cox, LJ White, Y Reinwald, GTS Kirby, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Sustained delivery of active BMP-2 from PLGA microspheres for bone regeneration applications

Page 83: JC Guedes, N Lakhkar, JC Knowles, I Wall
Assessment of TiO2-doped bioactive glass microcarriers for expansion of adherent mammalian cells

Page 84: F Gesellchen, AL Bernassau, DRS Cumming, MO Riehle
Cell manipulation using an acoustic tweezing device – Application in cell patterning and adhesion testing

Page 85: M McCully, H Child, MJ Dalby, CC Berry
Using functionisled gold nanoparticles for the delivery of siRNA to bone cancer cells in vitro

Page 86: NI Osman, S Roman, AJ Bullock, CR Chapple, S MacNeil
Improving the elasticity of an autologous tissue engineered prosthesis (TEP) for pelvic floor repair by the use of mechanical stimulation

Page 87: EL Smith, CA Roberts, JM Kanczler, ROC Oreffo
Elucidating skeletal development to inform bone tissue regeneration – lessons from ex vivo chick femur cultures

Page 88: S Puwanun, F Bye, RM Delaine-Smith, J Yates, S MacNeil, GC Reilly
Optimizing cell sources and materials for cleft palate repair

Page 89: N Bryan, H Ashwin, R Chen, Y Bayon, S Wohlert, N Smart, JA Hunt
In vivo evaluation of the influence of processing variables in the down-stream inflammation elicited by xenogeneic soft tissue repair biomaterials

Page 90: CM Keenan, CE Edwards, AJ Preston, H Sutherland, B Wlodarski, AM Taylor, D Williams, LR Ranganath, JA Gallagher, JC Jarvis
The appearance and distribution of ochronpsis in the calcified cartilage of a murine model of alkaptonuria

Page 91: C Platt, AM Taylor, JC Jarvis, LR Ranaganth, A Boyde, JA Gallagher
Is “Frostian” bone remodelling the dominant mechanism of altering bone microarchitecture in ageing human bone?

Page 92: RL Adams, SA Przyborski
Developing a novel 3D migration model to study colon cancer cell invasion

Page 93: VR Kearns, K Vasilev, CM Sheridan, RL Williams
The influence of surface chemistry on ECM production by retinal pigment epithelial (hRPE) cells on expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) substrates

Page 94: H Peto, L Buttery, K Shakesheff
System for expressing high quantities of growth factors in E.Coli in soluble form

Page 95: L O’Donovan, P De Bank
A novel caged carbonyl for biomaterial modification and cell patterning

Page 96: I Benzeval, IG Turner, MJ Ellis
Adhesion strength of the MG63 cell line and its applicability to a fluidised bed bioreactor

Page 97: NJ Lakhkar, JH Park, V Salih, JC Knowles
Titanium phosphate glass microspheres: novel microcarriers for bioreactor-mediated bone cell scale-up and differentiation

Page 98: SR Tew, McDermott B, Clegg PD
Regulation of SOX9 in human chondrocytes by the RNA binding protein tristetraprolin

Page 99: LAC Chapman, SL Waters, RJ Shipley, HM Byrne, JP Whiteley, MJ Ellis
Modelling fluid and nutrient transport to determine the influence of cell seeding on the growth of cell aggregates on a permeable membrane

Page 100: LE Sidney, GR Kirkham, LDK Buttery
The effect of an inflammatory environment on the response and differentiation of osteogenic embryonic stem cells

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