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4th International Symposium on Surfaces and Interfaces for Biomaterials

The series of International Symposium on Surface and Interface of Biomaterials (ISSIB) was introduced in 2005 and the first conference in this series (1st ISSIB 2007) was held in Chengdu, China, in October 2007. Following the great success of ISSIB 2007, the International Symposium on Surface and Interface of Biomaterials took place in Hong Kong in January 2010 (2nd ISSIB 2010) and in Japan in 2011 (3rd ISSIB 2011). In 2013, for the first time this conference was organized in Europe, as an accessible point between the Americas and Asia. Almost 200 attendees from 32 countries accepted the invitation to join the meeting in Rome, September 24-29 2013.

Surfaces and interfaces in biomaterials are key issues in the biomaterials and tissue engineering field and form a key scientific base for the rapid development in this field. They are at the forefront of biomaterials R&D&Innovation, and play a major role for technology transfer toward industries. In this context, the 4th ISSIB 2013 aimed to provide an international forum for scientists, engineers, clinicians and medical device manufacturers to present and discuss the latest scientific findings and technological developments in a very challenging context connected with surfaces and interfaces of biomaterials. Biomaterials saved or improved the life of millions of patients around the globe in the last decades. Health and environment constitute the main concerns of the 21st Century. Biomaterials replace the parts of living systems or function in an intimate contact with living tissue. To be successful, biomaterials require inducing positive interactions at the interface between the host and the implant.

This special issue of eCM intended to gather and discuss the abstracts of the most recent development in surface and interface issue of biomaterials. This covers all aspects of the Micro/nano structure and expression of macroscopic properties; Nano biomedicine and drug release; Biocompatible, bioactive, and antibacterial coatings; Biomolecules grafting and immobilization; Surface patterning and micro/nano-fabrication; Surface and interface analysis and characterization; Cell- material surface interactions; Blood/tissue/implant interface interaction; Modeling and computer simulation for biomaterial surfaces and interfaces; Biotribology; Plasma-based surface modification; and Surface characterization & imaging.  Finally, a Bioadhesion and biomimicking symposium dedicated to biological and biomimetic adhesives was co-organized with COST Action TD0906.

Finally we have to underline the professionalism and the genuine collaboration from all the team of European Cells and Materials, which made the management and production of this special issue very pleasant. We really hope you will enjoy this issue as much as we did in assembling it!

With my highest regards,

Diego Mantovani, PhD, FBSE
Laval University, Canada
On behalf of the Organizing Committee
4th Intl Symposium on Surfaces and Interfaces for Biomaterials

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